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    I have a Taurus 81 series snubbie in 38 cal. The gun has less than 300 rounds through it. I've noticed that when I fire in single action, it fires every time. When I fire in double action however I get light primer strikes on maybe one or two in a cylinder. I can rotate back to the misfired rounds and try double action several times yet they still fail to fire. If I then try it in single action they fire perfectly. Any ideas guys as to what I can do to try and fix this short of returning it to Taurus repair?
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    I don't know much about Taurus, okay I don't know anything about Taurus, but from the description of fireing okay on single but not double action I think the may be that it's not carrying up properly. Means cylinder is not locking up all the way before the hammer falls. Do this EMPTY THE GUN FOOL. Then squeeze the trigger slowly double action, after the hammer falls check the cylinder and see if it rotates a bit before clicking into place. Do this six or however many holes you have in the cylinder. It may do it only on one or two places. If it does do that then I'm a Taurus guru and you will have to send it to a smith for repair. If it locks up every time then disregard all the above. This advice worth evey penny you have invested in it.

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    The single action stroke of the hammer has just a bit more travel than the double action. It sounds like you have a light mainspring. I am a Smith and Wesson armorer so I do not deal with Taurus very often. There may be a strain screw on the grip frame at the bottom front. Insure it is tight. They will loosen up sometimes and cause this.