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    Hello, new member who just found this forum and is looking for information. I was in a gun shop this morning that was selling three old blackpower arms for a local widow. I am interested in one, but have no idea what it is. There is an old, oil stained tag on it marked $650.00, and that is what she wants for it. I know my information is limited, but any thoughts as to what it might be and what it might be worth? Thanks, sorry if this too long. Stock, walnut(?) with raised cheek rest and about two inches short of full length, overall length about 60". Inverted vee cuts in decending lengths at the wrist on both sides, well done. A small 3/8 x 1/2"German silver rectangle on top of the wrist.Heavy brass buttplate (plain), heavy brass trigger guard with slight design, and brass thimbles, (ringed). Iron front swivel through the stock. The lock was flintlock (iron) ,marked with what looked to be "Oliver", and a crown. The plate opposite the lock was plain brass with three screws. The smooth bore was about 5/8" and the barrel was very thin. Marked on top at the breech was Sharps Extra with two rings around the breech. About one inch forward of "Extra", at ten/eleven o'clock was a deep stamped proof, Sharps, and another proof mark. both proof marks were about 1/8" in circumference. There was no rear sight, the front sight was about 1/8" wide and 3/16" long, in the white. The ramrod was iron, short threads on bottom and 1/2" mushroom on top. The barrel showed signs of a bayonet, but there is none with it. Overall condition was good to very good. The second arm had an identical stock, broken with a poor repair, and an identical barrel and markings. But, it was a cap lock with sightly different brass trigger guard and thimbles? Your thoughts and comments are appreciated.
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    Not sure what you have, but we have some contradictions here. Sharps made his first rifle in the caplock era, not flintlock.

    The word OLIVER- any chance that could be TOWER ? If a British military arm, will have 2 letters near the crown- possiby GR (for George Rex).

    We REALLY need pictures to have a lot of luck in giving you an accurate answer.