Any Good Ideas for Targets?

Discussion in 'AR-15 Discussion' started by bamagunowner, Jul 28, 2009.

  1. bamagunowner

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    I'm wondering if anyone has come-up with some creative targets at the range (50m, 100m, 150m, 200m)? I'm shooting with good ol' iron sights... I may graduate to optics later, but for now I'll stick with the stock sights.

    For my target frames, I got one of those steel framed signs from Lowe's. It's the kind that homesellers use to advertise a home for sale by owner. I take cardboard, or old posterboard from work and place and tape a couple of targets I download from various sites. I find other roadside signs and stick poster board and targets for a little variety... The framed sign lasted about 4 trips to the range before a .223 round split the top part of the frame.

    Of course I usually bring a few soda cans, milk and juice containers. I've found that by putting shreds of cardboard into the clear milk and juice containers, It makes them 'wiggle' a little, so I can tell that it's been struck without it flying around.

    I've tried various colors of paper (plain white, bright yellow, neon green, etc.) The best colors seem to be light gray and medium manilla. Maybe it's just me, but they're easier in the sunshine of the outdoor range where I shoot.

    Anybody got any other better ideas on light wood frames, or more creative targets??
  2. ktmboyz

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    we usually take three 2X4s and make an h frame on the ground then use two pieces of strapping for uprights as tall as you want. then staple cardboard to them. can make em for a few bucks a piece and scrounge cardboard for free and tape targets of your choice to em or use a sharpie and draw em on

  3. FCross7

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    Hand grenades work pretty well. :eek:

  4. Carne Frio

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    Once you are sighted in; 1 gallon milk jugs. They approximate
    chest size and react very nice to center hits.:D
  5. 753X0

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    I print one of these up and have bunch of copies made at office depot. They are cheap, and provide a very precise aiming point. You obviously aim at the bottom of the triangle, you set the bottom of the triangle on the top of the front sight. For one this large I put another blank piece below it to show the group.

  6. 7.62 Man

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    I used wet phone books one time, they worked great.
    You can tell when you hit them by a big splat of paper flying.
    They were going to be dry, but I duct taped them together put them in the back of the truck the night before I went shooting. It rained that night & when the bed liner filled up with water they got real wet.
  7. matt g

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    I've got some steels that are about 10" in diameter and are 1/4" thick. I had them cut out of scrap steel on the water jet at the last place I worked. I welded those to fence posts and ground the ends to a point. They go into the ground easily and have stood up to a lot of abuse. They've been hit with everything from 9mm Luger to 3" 12 ga slugs. They normally take hits from .45 ACP and are still in pretty good shape. I just hit them with a new coat of $.99/can Walmart spray paint every few trips to the woods.

  8. Dillinger

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    Obama Voters??

    ACORN members??

    GITMO Detainees??

    I think they would be reactive in a way that would appease the average shooter.... I'm just saying... :cool:

  9. skullcrusher

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    Which of those would be the toughest to hit do you think?
  10. Dillinger

    Dillinger New Member

    Oooohhhh, that could be a whole thread to itself Skull.... LOL

    Liberals would be difficult just based on their overall ability to blend into the environment, since they spend their whole lives there worried about species that have no interest in them, not to mention hugging all those trees.

    Obama voters would be very difficult as well. All that hot air emanating from their mouths' would act as a sort of natural mirage. Not to mention their constant changing & tap dancing around their own issues?? Tough Target for sure....

    ACORN? They slink around in the shadows, they never present a full faced target that can be seen, led alone countered. The mass of them would lead to some easier shoots in a group, but identifying them successfully would make the overall shoot more difficult.

    GITMO Detainees?? Probably the easiest of the bunch. Lots of cell time has probably led to limited cardio, though their constant soccer games might prove otherwise. With them dropping to pray 5 times a day, that would lead to some scheduled shooting times, so I would have to give them the easiest of the bunch tag.