Any feedback about sun devil or their products?

Discussion in 'AR-15 Discussion' started by Hypercruiser, Nov 12, 2011.

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    I can't offer any first hand knowledge, but all I've ever heard about Sun Devil has been good.

  3. mjkeat

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    I'm not sure but I think Quentin Defense makes the Sundevil billet receivers. I have a QD receiver set and like it a lot. They do good work and have some innovative things incorporated into their lowers like a set screw bolt release pin. They even made a run of special run of receivers for a group I'm a part of.
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    Nah, we don't make their stuff... :p J/K, I'm not in any way affiliated with Quentin Defense but Sun Devil does claim to make their receivers from raw billets so I doubt QD has much to do with Sun Devil other than that they're in adjoining cities - Gilbert and Mesa AZ. Either company makes nice stuff so look at both as they are comparable in features and styling.

    I do have an 80% Sun Devil lower and can say the manufacturing quality is excellent. Some day I need to hog out the magwell and trigger area and finish the darn thing.
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    I just finished my first build and used Sun Devil upper and lower. I have no complaints with either one. Not only do they look good the price is hard to beat. When I picked up mine I think I paid $300 for upper and lower. I couldnt find any other billet sets for that price. The set screw idea is great but honestly the two fit with little play at all. I would recomend Sun Devil to anyone based off of my experience, but my experience is limited to just that. Their rollmark isnt bad either.
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