Any FEDERAL LEO on here?

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    By of you folks Federal LE, or Retired Federal?

    I only ask because I've got this scenario:

    Slight possibility that I could be getting out of Active Duty Army in October 2012 if things don't go as planned.
    Been thinking a lot about what I'd like to do IF I do get out.

    I'm really attracted to Federal Air Marshal Service, US Marshall's Service, and FBI.

    I've got my Bachelor's in Criminal Justice/Forensics and I think being a Deputy US Marshall would be a good job.

    Anyways, not sure that I WILL get out, but any input from ANY law enforcement, past or present would be interesting....
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  3. Retired Flatfootus Federalus

    I was in another agency, but had dealings with both Air Marshals and U. S. Marshals.

    As I am sure you are aware, no one loves their job all the time. Having said that, most of the Air Marshals and U. S. Marshals I've met and interfaced with seemed to be content with their job.

    Note those are two very different job descriptions.

    Check out USAJOBS - The Federal Governments Official Jobs Site. The site has job openings, job descriptions, pre-requisites and a computerized application system. Pretty much all you want to know.

    Good fortune to you in any field of endeavor, and thanks for serving.
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    The Federal LE academy in Artesia Is close to you. Most of my cohorts claim it is way better than the one in Arkansas. USAJobs is where you start. Check each Agency's web site too. They often have jobs that USAjobs dose not.
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    Yeah a friend of mine works security at FLETC in Artesia...