Any experience with Rossi or EAA .357's?

Discussion in 'Revolver Handguns' started by CrazedJava, Jul 12, 2014.

  1. CrazedJava

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    Just curious. Interested in maybe getting into the revolver game but a lot of them are higher priced than a semiauto. Little short on cash but not too far off from maybe getting another 9mm. Still, keep thinking of adding a revolver to the collection and would like a .357 for the ammo flexibility.

    I can generally find Rossi's and EAA's fairly cheap, but worried if these are junk guns.
  2. aandabooks

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    From what I've seen the EAA Windicator is a good solid budget revolver. I'd personally stay away from the Rossi line. Charter Arms is a good option in the .357 Mag Pug for a small J frame gun. I have one and really like it.

    For a range gun you'll want a 4" model. I prefer the GP100 but that doesn't fit in a budget gun scenario.

  3. JonM

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    they are hit or miss same qc level as taurus.

    i would suggest looking at a used ruger. you can get a really nice ruger for the price of a new rossi or eaa. most are low round count guns
  4. old fart

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    +1 on that, look for a used ruger. you can find the six series at times for around $300 if you look around. i found one for $150 recently but i got lucky and found a guy that needed turkey hunting supplies at start of season but you may find that luck too. used sp101 might be in that range too most gp100 are at least $400 used. good luck i love my 357 ruger service six. the six series are built tough and not as large as the gp series.
  5. penguini013

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    I've owned Rossi revolvers before, own a R92 lever rifle, and am soon to be the owner of a stainless .357 snubbie, the 462. Never had any trouble with Rossi, or Taurus, for that matter...had a problem with a PT1911 and Taurus replaced it. No reason to think they would treat their Rossi line any differently. I just like the look of the 462, plus it's a .357 with 6 holes in the cylinder, not 5. Lifetime warranty, great ergonomIcs (for me), feels great in the hand, and a great price. Just my $.02.

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