Any bad feedback about the XDm line?

Discussion in 'XD Forum' started by TNBlackSheep, Dec 16, 2011.

  1. TNBlackSheep

    TNBlackSheep New Member

    Let's get the lame intro out of the way...long time reader, first time poster. Time for another one of those "my first gun" threads.

    I'm looking to buy my first semi-auto after the first of the year (my Ruger Blackhawk .357 mag is not so handy to carry) and I've pretty much narrowed it down to an XDm. My 2 main options going in were SA and brother has several Glocks and I'm just not real comfortable with how they fit my hand. An XDm, on the other hand, feels like a dream. I like the extra mag capacity and all the raves about the excellent accuracy out of the box. I haven't decided on 3.8 v. 4.5 or 9mm v. .40 yet, but I'm well aware of the pros/cons for both and just have to make up my mind. Reading this board has been a huge help in making my decision and just general knowledge, so I wanted to ask for a little more:

    I see all kinds of raves about the XDm, it seems to be an overall well-received line. My question here is what are some of the negative opinions people have? I know some people prefer the ergonomics of the Glock or others better...other than that, I haven't heard hardly anything bad about them. I like to get as much info as I can when researching a major purchase like this, the good and the bad.

    So what are the gripes (yours or what you've heard from others) about the XDm line?
  2. aandabooks

    aandabooks New Member

    Haven't shot any of them but have handled a few. My only gripe with them would be that they aren't Made in the USA. Made in Croatia but imported in Geneseo, IL. That is about 40 miles from where I live.

    The S&W M&P pistols are Made in the USA. That would probably be enough to sway me since the M&P feels real good in my hand also.

  3. griffin81

    griffin81 New Member

    I have a xDm 40 cal. And my only gripe is that I can afford enough ammo to spend 4 hrs at the range a week just shooting it. Great gun couldn't be happier with it.

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  4. partdeux

    partdeux Well-Known Member

    Two XDM9-compacts here. I'm struggling with mine shooting a little left, but still not convinced it's not me. I was given a tip on the XDtalk site to roll my wrist further around and it's helped.

    XDM take down is incredibly easy. I like the mag capacity, even with the shorter magazine. I blinged up both of them :)
  5. JonM

    JonM Moderator

    ive got a xdm 45 4.5 my wife has an xdm 9mm 4.5 and i cant honestly think of a single negative. my only problem is i dont have the 45 in 3.8 compact and the 5.5 in 45 yet!!
  6. fireguy

    fireguy New Member

    No gripes with my 3.8. I have the full size. Shoots like a dream and 20 rounds available is pretty sweet. As said before it is easy to take down, shoots every time with every thing I've fed it, and it fits my hand very well.
  7. NYPD13

    NYPD13 New Member

    Remarkable pistol with no flaws that I have found. I chose the XDM 40 over the M&P, FNP, and PX4 after fondling all of them. My only gripe would be that Springfield's XDM line is missing a 10mm version/conversion.
  8. TNBlackSheep

    TNBlackSheep New Member

    So the main problems are "I can't shoot it enough" and "They don't make it in enough configurations"...sounds like problems I can deal with so far!

    Thanks for the feedback guys...would still love to hear from others too.
  9. vincent

    vincent New Member

    My shooting buddy has two, have shot them both, just as sweet as you please! They were running an extra mag/mag holster promotion, not sure if they still do or not, he got 3+a holster and a coupon for 1 or 2 more. I thought that was great, seems you can never have enough mags...
  10. sweeper22

    sweeper22 New Member

    I've got an XDm45. At some point I'll add an XDm45 compact for carry. And probably an XDm in 9mm or 40sw too, partly because I want one in the OD/SS finish. I guess that should answer your question right there.

    I prefer shooting metal guns, but there's no denying the convenience and versatility of polymer. The XDm is hands down my tupperware of choice. The full-size (4.5") XDm is a little big for concealed carry due to the length of the grip...the 3.8" compact (w/ shorter magwell) is probably the way to go there.
  11. Sonic82

    Sonic82 New Member

    I'm happy with my 3.8 Compact...The Made in the USA thing is a little buggy. But you don't here that complaint much when people are talking about Italian Beretta's, Austrian Glocks, German SIG's and Walthers.
  12. ForHISGlory

    ForHISGlory New Member

    Just bought the xdm 45cal. 4.5 in two tone. LOVE IT! And I carry it concealed just fine.Even with the holster it came with, not a $100 holster. Also carry the extra 2 mags with the mag holster it came with, all very comfortable, and conceals great. Although I do wear appropriate shirt with it to help conceal. Gun is extremely accurate out the box and chose it over all the other choices, definitley made the right choice! Go get one you'll be lad you did.
  13. king1138

    king1138 New Member

    I have an XDm 3.8 in .40, and my dad has an XDm 4.5 in .40. Both have about 2k rounds with zero failures. Both shoot great and are far more accurate than either of us. I carry mine daily, and my dad carries occasionally. I would not hesitate to trust my life or my family's lives to either.

    As mentioned by another, the only thing I don't like is the made in Croatia.

    If I could make a recommendation, go with a compact in whichever caliber you choose. That way you still have the full size magazine for range time, and have the ability to conceal easily if you choose.
  14. msup752

    msup752 New Member

    As I mentioned in a different thread, I traded a Glocks 21 for an XDm in .45. I liked the slimmer grip in the XD. I do not like the grip safety as it must be engaged to open the slide. I have to have a shooting grip to check the chamber (i always visually check) or disassembling the gun. After a decade and a half of Glocks, my takedown grip does not work well. I doubt this will be an issue for most.
    The XD does not digest low power ammo. 4.4 grains of Green Dot and Berry's 200 gr bullets failed to function. That is the max load for lead (which is what plated bullets are usually considered for powder measurements). I bumped it up to the FMJ load of 5.1g and it works. My G30 ate the 4.4gr loads to use them up.