Any advice on my newest project?

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    Ok, so I've had this good condition, matching numbers Chinese SkS for about 8 years. I've put about 1,500-2,000 rounds and had never taken it apart for a thorough cleaning. Well, I quit being lazy and after learning by way of "YouTube" how to disassemble my rifle, I gave it a try. Dirty can't fully describe the condition of my rifle. I can't believe this thing still fired so dependably. I wouldn't try that with an AR. NEwho, I ordered an extended mag release and a new receiver pin so I can ditch the hated BSquare brand scope mount. I'm planning on purchasing a synthetic, collapsable stock with built in rail on the heat shield and some extra 30 round mags. I'm totally new to this type weapon and any advice or pointers from the forum experts would be appreciated. ALso, what type of red dot scope should I get to mount on the forend? Thanks in advance for all the help.