Antique Pre '98 Percussion Cane Gun

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    This was given to me when I was a young kid and I hung it on my rifle rack with my .22's. It's a smooth bore percussion cane gun that was mfg between the 1840's and 1860's. It is a plain example, unlike some of the others that I've seen over the years like the Remingtons. As a matter of fact I've seen some fancy and outright gaudy examples, which aren't to my taste. Unfortunately the maker of mine is unknown, but is a curiosity none the less and is worth at least some discussion.

    When my stepfather returned from WWII a friend of his worked for an estate in an unknown capacity to me, but was given this gun as payment for doing a favor for someone. The original owner of this gun was very wealthy and travelled to Wall St. in the late 1800's from his mansion in south Brooklyn. Back then this part of Brooklyn had a number of very wealthy people living there.

    Fortunately my father's friend didn't have any real interest in this gun and neither did my father who he gave it to. As it turned out I ended up with it and still have it to this day. Fortunately it is an antique with no restrictions where owning it is concerned. It has a nice plain burl handle with a silver band and has a removable brass tip that usually are missing on pieces this old. I'm sure mechanically with it's strong spring it would work, but I'm not that curious. Just showing it is enough for me. Here's a few photos that you may find to be of some interest.

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    That is just plain cool.

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    The Cane says that a handicapped citizen does not have to run.;)
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    Nice conversation starter to say the least. Would that qualify as a CC or OC piece? Not bad Gunsmoke.