Anti-gun, Stupid or just Ignorant

Discussion in 'Legal and Activism' started by tracker, Jul 11, 2008.

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    The Internet and the Newspapers have never been so flooded with Articles on the Second Amendment, as they have recently. Why--Because the Supreme Court says you have the right to defend yourself. What a novel idea--You have the right to defend yourself and what is your's---Why did it take so long to figure this out?? Seems a "Given" to me--Take what's mine, harm what's mine, threaten me, my kids, my wife, and meet my buddies---Smith and Wesson!! This isn't Rocket Science Folks--It's just Common Sense.

    Article by Joe Hunley
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    Neither stupid, nor ignorant. Just evil. They can't impose their agenda on us if we can shoot them. So they need to get rid of guns....

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    I actually think a lot of this comes from people not being exposed to firearms the correct way. They have never had the kind of exposure that we share.

    Think about it: If you live in the city, miles from any country side, and the only time you ever see a gun, someone is shooting it at someone else on TV, or it's being displayed as the weapon that "So & So" used in their "slaughter" of innocent people at this school, or that McDonald's - what the hell else are you supposed to think?

    What if you never learned to shoot when you were young? What if you never learned the correct way to hold and utilize a weapon? What if you never had ANY exposure to anyone from our side who made you feel comfortable and was willing to be patient and talk to you about these things? Now, what if your only picture of the people who do own firearms are the jackasses who paint themselves up in camoflauge and run around the backyard doing combat rolls, or GOD FORBID posting videos of you and your reject buddies out shooting at mailboxes and Christmas lawn decorations? Then, after a couple of exposures to these mental midgets, you get some "SuperTrooper" posting how to videos on the most popular internet sites like that idiot Elite Team Fighter. After that, you get to turn on the news and see some societal f**ktard with a grudge go into his place of former employment and shoot 16 people because he got canned for sexual harassment or some such crap.

    Let's face it guys, the people that are out front and center, in the left's eyes, are these same people that you, or I, or most of the people we know wouldn't be caught DEAD with in public, or especially somewhere in the field and around loaded firearms.

    You honestly think the first image that comes to mind for those type of folks when someone mentions the words AR-15 isn't an image of someone like those two pleasure seeking drug addicts who shot the hell out of North Hollywood a few years back?

    Of course they think about those people. Or some other schmuck just like them. And in their minds, you and I and everyone else with one of those dreaded weapons is one bad day away from doing the same thing.

    It doesn't matter there isn't a statistic to show that ANY licensed and legally owned automatic weapon has ever been used in the commission of a crime. The public has been brainwashed into believing that all of us possess the skills &/or cunning to take a perfectly good AR-15 and turn it into a fully automatic weapon of death.

    As an example, we have a married couple as friends. They live in the big City of Seattle and they have a nice old house that they paid way too much for and they drive nice cars and they both have white color jobs. Nice people, but they were my fiancee's friends before I met her, so I am kind of stuck with them. They are liberals, but who isn't in Seattle, and neither of them had ever in their lives been exposed to firearms ownership or gone shooting. We are talking people who are in their mid to late 30's here. They are well educated, they have traveled the world, they have lived in 14 different states, but always in the City.

    So, the discussion that I work in a firearms shop comes up one day while we are out and it's something I can tell they are both a little uneasy about, but they keep asking questions. Sooner or later it comes around to "can I make an automatic weapon like you see in the movies?" I try to explain to them that it is in fact quite hard to take a stock AR and convert it because of the licensed parts that are needed ( bolt carrier group, fire selector, etc. ) - but they aren't getting it. "Can't you just make them in the shop?" So, when we get home, I pull out my big scary AR and I break it down, and I start explaining to them the parts, what they do and why it would be difficult to just turn this into an M4 in my garage. About 15 minutes into the example, the gal asks if she can hold it. She has always wondered what it felt like to hold "that kind" of weapon. Once I broke down the barrier of what was and what was not, they both were very curious and they both wanted to check out a lot of my weapons.

    So, since then, they have joined us on several range outings for some pistol training and they are actually talking about getting their own shotgun for home defense.

    Now, not everyone is going to be that easy to convince, but if you had asked them to vote for a gun control measure prior to that day, they would have voted for it - because they had no idea that some of us are actually responsible and upstanding citizens, just like them.....

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    Good deal JD! Fortunately you were able to find a Liberal with an open mind and not just "stuck on stupid". I wish I could do what you did, but I don't have any friends that are Liberals....:eek:
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    Well, I didn't say they were MY friends RL... They belonged to my woman and came with the package... LOL

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    Good story JD and I applaud your patience with these people .

    Me I usually give a simple verbal example "but then they usually have no reason to be in my home" I ask them if their car could be turned into a professional race car yet still driven on the road . Usually the answer is yes BUT and this is a huge but , it would need to be taken to a professional to do so and it would be hugely expensive to do so .

    Then I look at them and say something like "ok now that we agree it can be done imagine if it was Illegal to do so and he could go to jail for 20+ years doing it for you , also know this , that same Professional is already making a very nice living simply improving the performance of cars for little rich kids so why would he risk spending his life in jail to make you an illegal race car ?" .

    I find that often if you alter the subject away from guns they are more receptive to understanding what you am saying .

    I read once that when it comes to making guns and gun parts that professional machinists often don't make a good gun maker yet a good gun maker always makes a good machinist .