anti-gun HB-1355

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    I've got bad news.

    The anti-gun bill we've been warning you about, HB-1355 has passed your State Senate and is on the Governor Rick Scott's desk for approval.

    Not only will this bill assure more law-abiding Floridians lose their right to keep and bear arms WITHOUT DUE PROCESS, even mental health experts are warning of its' dangers.

    "It is singling out people who have mental illness and are seeking out treatment voluntarily," exclaimed the CEO of the Mental Health Association of Palm Beach County, "My fear is that people who need help aren't going to seek it out, cause nobody wants to be on a database."

    I need your help right away to stop this gun-grabbing legislation in Florida.

    Please contact Governor Rick Scott and urge him to VETO anti-gun HB-1355.

    By Telephone: (850) 488-7146.

    By E-mail: