Anti-Gun Doctor Poised for Confirmation as Surgeon General

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    I did not see in today's posts. This is from GOA, NRA has article as well. I sent an email to my two Senators from New Mexico from GOA.



    ----- Pre-written letter -----

    Dear Senator:

    I urge you to oppose the nomination of Vivek Murthy as the next Surgeon General, and I agree with Gun Owners of America that his confirmation could help launch a whole new round of attacks against the Second Amendment.

    Like most of Obama's nominees, Murthy's primary "credential" is his rabid support for Barack Obama during the presidential election. Head of Doctors for Obama, Murthy dutifully changed the name to "Doctors for America" just as other Obama house organs were making similar changes. After the shooting in Newtown, Murthy’s group authored an open letter to Obama that urged restrictions on gun rights in the name of the medical profession, stating:

    “It’s time for common sense gun rules like background checks and banning assault weapons and high-capacity magazines, as well as a comprehensive plan to address gun violence including ensuring funding for research and data-collection on gun violence and ensuring that health care providers can ask patients about gun ownership in order to counsel them appropriately about safety measures.”

    This would put Murthy to the Left of Obama's public position on gun control.

    Murthy's internet communications reflect a similar hatred for the Second Amendment. The Twitter feed of @vivek_murthy reads, in part:

    1. Vivek Murthy @vivek_murthy Apr 21

    “Signs of progress-we got 20 votes in the senate in favor of gun violence legislation that we wouldn’t have had 1 year ago. Have faith #dr4a”

    2. Vivek Murthy @vivek_murthy Apr 21

    “Docs fired up to keep fighting for gun safety laws @Drsforamerica natl conference with @haroldpollack Brina Milikowsky, Eric Fleegler #dr4a”

    3. Vivek Murthy @vivek_murthy 21 Dec 2012

    “NRA press conference disappointing but predictable - blame everything in the world except guns for the Newtown tragedy. #wakeup”

    If Murthy, as a mere Obama lapdog, was bent on threatening the Second Amendment, imagine what he would do with his hands in control of federal "health" research funds. We already know that President Obama would like to unleash taxpayer dollars in order to produce junk science supporting gun control.

    And so, for all the foregoing reasons, I would urge you to vote NO on the Murthy nomination.

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    Yep, just what we need, an activist, anti-gun Surgeon General of the USA.

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    I agree!

    Just what appointee has Obama ever appointed that has been for the best intrest of the American citizens. Our Constitution and Freedom! There are a whole lot of peole that better wake up and stop being stupid and promoting the demise of our way of life!

  4. Bigcountry02

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    His fame for Ammunition and gun salesman since 2008!

    People need to pull the head out of the arse. This character will push so much crap down on the medical community it no funny. This is not just weapons, it will be about the food intake - i.e. bacon, beer, hotdogs, burgers, meat, etc.

    It will be about regulating how and where we live.
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    Guns are just a caveat. I agree 100% with Bigcountry02. We are already being peppered with shame advertising by blue cross and blue shield. All we need is a surgeon general who is willing to make wholesale changes for our own good.