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    Was given one about 2 years ago. Good condition. But the jerk who gave it to me is now divorcing my Mother. Now, I can't stand the rifle. Everytime I pick it up I get my blood pressure up. Now I know that Winchester stopped making them years ago and have been told to keep it as the value is going up.
    AM thinking of selling it and putting the money towards something I will be happy with. How long should I wait ? Is the value really going to go up in the next say, 2 years ?.
    Going to put the money towards an AR long barrel model as I already have a new M4..
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    Need to know how old it is and more specifics on the condition. Model 94s made prior to 1964 are worth more.

    That being said, a "pre-1964" in mint condition might be worth a good chunk. But mine, a 1952 and in "fair" to "good" shape is only worth about $350. If yours is post-1964, I really doubt it's worth a LOT more than that. And I haven't heard of them as being a great investment.

    I understand the emotional response it now gives you....if you can get over the emotion, I would keep it if I were you. You're not going to get a lot for it in trade for another firearm and I promise it will grow on you if you don't throw it in the trash first. It's a cool gun, has a lot of history, and is fun to shoot and handle, although ammo can be a b*tch. :)
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    Also....what caliber is your model 94?