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    I have a Whippet Model C, Bolt action single shot .22 lr. I think the sear is wore too far, When I pull the cocking mechanism back it won't stay.. but if I lift the bolt up a little it will stay cocked until you push the bolt back down.. I know this is a very inexpensive rifle but I have fond Memories from back in the early 60's with my Grand dad and Dad lighting stick matches with the .22's , this was one of them, I also have the Marlin 39A.. (1945) they used as well. Is there any other Rifle that parts might inter change with the Whippet? whippet.jpg
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    I’m no expert on part interchangeability but could you manufacture or get a friend to manufacture a new sear? If not, Gun Broker and even eBay are good places to find parts.

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    You will have better luck in getting an email from a REAL Nigerian Prince that wants to send you money. Find a gunsmith- a real one. Right now before hunting season may not be a good time. If he can identify parts that are worn beyond safe, he MAY be able to do a bit of wire welding to the worn section, file it to shape. Don't think that rifle actually HAD a sear as a separate part. Looks like hook on trigger catches the striker.
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    LOL I agree,, thought I'd try... I do know a great gun smith that I'm sure can fix it, just depends on what it will cost Me.. Thanks c3