Another 'Which 9mm?' thread.

Discussion in 'Concealed Carrying & Personal Protection' started by Vincine, Feb 14, 2012.

  1. Vincine

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    So I received my ‘pistol permit approval’ letter yesterday.

    I have two months to purchase a handgun, show the receipt to the county clerk so she can put it on the actual permit, and then I’ll receive the actual permit & can pick up my (first?) gun. Otherwise the approval turns back into a pumpkin and disappears.

    I’m looking for a concealable pistol. I’ve been looking and reading since I submitted the application in July. I think the rentals at range that's holding the class I'm looking to take are probably full size Sigs, maybe Glocks. I've read they're a little thick to easily ‘hide’. I’m favoring a small 9mm Kahr, Kel Tec, Ruger or possibly a Thunder .50 handgun. However I don’t know that I’ll be able to actually find any of these at any range to actually fire.

    So, any comments from people who’ve fired at least two of these and who can actually compare them would be appreciated. Is there anything thing else I should try? I'm a TALL, thinish gal with long thin hands.

  2. JTJ

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    My preference of the 3 would be the Kahr. Might be a little more money but is very well made with a good smooth trigger pull. I have not fired the Ruger but I had a PF9 and got rid of it.

  3. chopkick

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    A really nice inexpensive and very concealable handgun is the Bersa Thunder .380
    With the right ammo, you've got a reliable little self defense package. Check it out
  4. hossman

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    What to carry is always a problem for a first time permit holder. My best advice is to move from N.Y. to Alabama. If you are not a criminal and have $20 you can get an unlimited permit. I accumulate guns so I have one of each that you mentioned. Whatever you do don't buy a Kel-tec, especially the PF-9. Mine shoots every time but is a handfull to shoot. The Kahr is a fine handgun but a little more pricy than the Ruger LC9. The Ruger LC9 is my choice. I bought it new on GunBrokers for $323 including shipping and tranfer fee. I have decided that if I will carry then the 9mm is as low as I will go. I also have the Ruger LCP .380. It is too small for my hands. When I carry it (not very often) I carry it in my shirt pocket. My vote it the Ruger LC9, 7+1. Good luck with your choice. One of each is my choice.
  5. WilliamTF

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    If your carrying in your purse, like my wife imo the ruger LC9 w/its external safety and long trigger pull is the safer route. Kahr does make a 9mm with an ext safety though, they may have a less expensive choice now but last time I checked it was 3-4Xs the price of the Ruger. Best of luck which apparently you already posses if you got a CCW in the empire state