Another violent crime stopped by responsible gun ownership

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    Armed man tries to rob people at an AA meeting. Man pulls out his concealed carry weapon and shoots the would be robber in the neck, abdomen and chest. No charges filed.

    Again the 2A saves lives and money.(No taxpayer cost to jail this guy for years)
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    The link didn't work for me. Can you try again please.

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    I found the story, I'll cut & paste.

    Man Killed While Trying to Rob Alcoholics Anonymous Meeting

    Columbia (WLTX) - A New Jersey man has been shot and killed at an Alcoholics Anonymous center in South Carolina in what police say was a thwarted robbery.
    The State newspaper reported that Columbia police said Sunday that a visitor to the AA center shot and killed the 18-year-old man who was trying to rob members there.
    Richland County Coroner Gary Watts said Kayson Helms of Edison, N.J., was shot in the neck, abdomen and chest.
    Columbia Police say Helms walked into the meeting at 2015 College Street, the Acoa Club, at 11 p.m. Saturday night with a gun and demanded whatever those at the center had and was shot.
    Helms was taken to Palmetto Richland where he later died.
    Police did not identify the man who shot Helms, but said the individual had a concealed weapons permit.
    So far, no charges have been filed.
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    ^^ Thanks Jo.

    What the Eff are you doing, robbing an AA meeting?? Honestly?? That was your BIG PLAN?? Moron. If you are going to go to the trouble to rob a place, somewhere that people are sitting around with a bunch of people they don't know, and probably don't trust, is not the idle first choice target. Not to mention I don't know too many people who would be wearing Rolex's and carrying thousands in cash to a meeting like that.

    Criminals like these just drag the gene pool down a little lower. Good to see someone with a responsible head on their shoulders was there to take care of the situation.

    One less moronic scumbag in the world....C'est La Vie

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    Absolutely brilliant. Dude's definitely going to get at least an honorable mention on the Darwin list.
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    I posted this on my blog a few weeks back. It may be something you would want to show to your wives if they don't carry...

    Why This Woman Carries a Firearm:

    This is a derivation of a very well written piece by “Syd” on a fellow blog. I felt that it was very indicative of many of the reasons why sensible people do carry a firearm, but I felt that it needed some insight spiced with a tad bit of estrogen. J

    I carry a firearm to ensure my children are educated about firearm safety, not the victims of some other child’s (or adult’s) ignorance.

    I know that the best way to teach a child about firearm safety is to remove the air of mystery from it and truly educate them about the “when’s” “why’s” and “how’s” of a firearm. I know that if I am not educated on the use of a firearm then, should I come across one in the hands of a child, my ignorance may add to a dangerous situation instead of eliminating it.

    I carry a firearm because I know what looks good on me—confidence. Possessing the ability to defend one’s self has an amazing affect on confidence. The opposite of confidence is fear. I’ve discovered that fear masks a great deal of my wonderful attributes, such as kindness, love, and charity. When I’m more confident, I’m a much better person to share with everyone else in my life.

    I carry a firearm because I don’t trust my “gift of the gab.” As great as I am at talking to complete strangers in ideal circumstances, it’s unlikely to do me any good against someone intent on causing me harm. However, there is a great deal of research that says a firearm is a much stronger negotiator than I could ever hope to be.

    I carry a firearm because I am a mother (or an aunt, grandmother, sister)—a calling which I take very seriously. As a mother I have no other more critical responsibility than to take care of myself AND those entrusted in my care. Should something threaten to eliminate me from this earth and my influence upon my children, or threaten to remove them from my arms of love, I am sufficiently armed and adept to ensure this does not happen. If some harm does come to my children, it will not be because I could not overcome my own fears or foolish prejudices. I cannot stop everything awful from happening to them, but I can ensure that I am the best prepared to stop most. Only then are my hands clean before my Maker, knowing that I truly did my best to protect them. In doing so, not only do I raise my children well, but I give them a chance to do the same with their own families.

    I carry a firearm to help the nation I live and raise my family in to be strong and secure. Protection of a nation begins with protection of an individual. What good is sending my husband, father, brother or son off to fight in a war—whether in a foreign nation or within our cities—if I’m not willing to do my part to protect our nation as well? This nation is strong only because of our freedom. I carry a firearm to ensure I keep my freedom should someone else attempt to usurp it.

    I carry a firearm because I know my physical limits. While I may run the equivalent of several miles every day and work out regularly to strengthen my muscles, none of this prepares me sufficiently for a violent encounter. Whether I like it or not, the prospect of a 6’4”, 280-pound, drug-crazed criminal acting against my freedom is realistic. A good right hook or kick to the groin, however well planted it may be, may just be the provocation my assailant needs to kill me. That’s unacceptable—unacceptable that the criminal’s actions against me could eliminate my freedom to live. I’m not willing to gamble with the use of weaker forms of defense. A firearm may be exactly what I need to stop the assailant because I fight back to win unequivocally, not to wonder if I have done enough.

    I carry a firearm because I prefer my close encounters to be for love, not fighting. I prefer to never have to remember the alcohol and drug-induced breath, or the color of rage in the assailant’s eyes, or the feel of his powerful fists against my head. Instead I prefer to let the bullet do the fighting for me. I believe I will be much more sane after such an encounter.

    I carry a firearm because I hate waiting and wondering. Given the number of police officers who work in any community at any given time, I know that the number of criminal offenses out-number law enforcement an average of 10 to 1. Only after I’ve done my part to ensure my safety do I wait on 911, instead of relegating my safety to the unlikely odds that someone else can defend me in my time of need.

    I carry a firearm because I am an independent woman, not a statistic. I refuse to be weak, afraid, and naïve and insist on mastering my domain by asserting my time and talents to take responsibility for my own safety and peace of mind. Too many women are statistics of crime rather then examples of strength. The only one that can stop this false impression from perpetuating further is me.

    I carry a firearm because as a woman, I’m all about being prepared. That’s the reason why I never let my gas tank go down below half, never open the door to someone I don’t know, and I never give out my credit card number to someone I didn’t call… just in case. If you were to look in my purse you would see band-aids (just in case) lipstick, face powder, hair brush, and hair spray (even though I leave my home properly made up… it’s just in case), more cash that I would ever think to use in a day (just in case), a fuel credit card even though I don’t believe in using credit… just in case… and a small sewing kit with safety pins… just in case. Suffice it to say that I rarely use my “just in case” items, but I sure hate being without them when I need them. If you were to delve further into my handbag you would also find a knife, an Asp, red-dyed pepper spray and a firearm with a spare magazine. You guessed it…just in case.

    I carry a firearm because as a woman I have the privilege of giving life. That’s right. I don’t carry a gun to take life, but to ensure that it’s fully given to those who choose to live.
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    Good thing he was in an AA meeting sober, huh.
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    You did not read the story. It says that all attendees of AA meetings are not sober gun toters. :rolleyes:

    Mailing it in does not qualify as a good post. :p
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    Yep that is all over the news here. I live about 30 minutes away from Cola. Needless to say that has been sturring up the Anti's as usual, saying "he was only 18, why not shoot him in the leg and let him live his life?" Those anti's will grab at anything wont they!
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    Someone should tell them that a leg shot aside from being hard to do (personally I find it easier to do head shots on paper) usually lets the other person shoot back.
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    You see, that's why we need gun laws so that this criminal won't have a gun and therefore CAN'T shoot back! :rolleyes:
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    Well if he were skilled he would just shoot the guys gun out of his hands. I've seen it done on TV so don't tell me you can't do it. :D
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    At first I was a little concerned that an AA member had a CCP but as I kept reading I realized that wasn't the case.
    I absolutely love hearing about this stuff. People should be able to defend themselves against idiots like this. Robbing an AA meeting?!??! Hearing about stuff like this is just one more reason why I carry in church.
    I bet 20/20 wont mention anything about this on their next "If i only had a gun" showing.
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    I'd like to buy that man a beer, er, a Coke.