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Discussion in 'The Club House' started by hillbilly68, Jul 6, 2009.

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    Really quick, am up to my belt in work lately but had to throw this one on here. My buddy recently bought a new car and was going to get personalized plates. He is a Montana resident, so he will register it there. There was a great flurry of suggestions for him from my team, and with many attempts and failures we came up with a winner for the plate... "GUNS UP". Kind of a team saying among us from the Leeroy Jenkins clip (pretty funny if you havent seen it). Well my friend is on leave in MT this week and called me to tell me he cant get the plate. Not because it is taken already, but because the state wont let a plate be printed with the word "gun" on it.
    Montana. You have got to be kidding me. SGTMiller what is up with that? ;) You need to get em straight up there. Anybody else run into this? Never thought I would see Montana being politically correct. When did "gun" become a bad word anyway? It is ironic that the single most deadly instrument in the country (a car) cant have the word "gun" on the plate. Insanity gone stupid.
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    I'll bet they would have no problem making a plate that said FUK U on it

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    I had thought of, here in Nevada, trying for UPURZ2, but I doubt it would make it through the "selection" process. The obvious "ICU 812" isn't allowed because that's the reverse format of our current plates...3 numbers and then 3 letters.
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    Dang it and we are thinking of moving to Montana :/

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    It's the states version of being "Politically Correct" as to not endorse nor support any specific agenda and piss people off. As for SGT Miller, he is presently TDY from the forum for an undetermined amount of time, and I for one, hope he comes back when his personal missions are accomplished. I miss the guy, and I am not alone. :(
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    I haven't seen a plate like that down here, but "guns up" is the Texas Tech University slogan and hand signal. So I'm sure someone has it. Guns Up - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Maybe "GNS UP" will work.