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    I was never really a gun owner until I met my to-be-father-in-law. A career Army guy, he took me shooting for the first time about 5 years ago, and planted the seed for what has now become an obsession with preparing for SHTF situations, reloading, and marksmanship. Understand, this man is a total badass. I look up to him in just about every way. When I met him he was still very much sold on the AR platform – he owned a couple of shorties, and I cut my teeth as an aspiring marksman on his M4. Of course, he’s had ongoing love affairs with his M1A and his M1 Garand, but at the time, he would have considered his suppressed M4 shorty his primary SHTF weapon.

    So 4 years later, I’ve bought a .45ACP, a Remington 700 in .308, and a 12ga shotgun. Just trying to cover my bases, you know? Then I buy an M4. The same week as he sells his M4 along with all the ammo to it. He says he’s changed his mind about the M4 as a platform, and sinks all the money from selling is 5.56 collection into an FAL and a M1A Supermatch, or something.

    He’s been little by little whittling away at my confidence in the M4… saying that what I really need for SHTF is a ‘battle rifle’, like an M1A, or even an AK/SKS platform. Thinks the people who invest in a sub-caliber cartridge are really just romanced by the ‘tactical’ look of the rifle, but don’t consider the underwhelming performance of the cartridge. His words, not mine. I understand his points – I love the idea of having great accuracy at 400 yards, but to be honest, if I’m reaching out to 400 yards I’m using my bolt gun anyway, right? Further, I feel most comfortable with my M4, having done 100% of my training on it and having about 4,000 rounds of freshly reloaded ammo sitting in my basement.

    This all kinda came to a head for me when I mentioned to him that I was considering getting a .50Beo or .450SOCOM upper for the gun, just for S&G’s… he looked distressed, and mentioned that the aluminum upper of the gun probably wouldn’t take the stress of anything that big for more than a few hundred rounds, and that if I was looking for something with more oomph, I should change platforms, plain and simple. Basically, that the rifle just wouldn’t take that kind of stress, and that it would break down when I needed it most.

    His big point was this: “In a true SHTF situation, if you’re reaching for a semi-auto rifle, things have gotten really, really bad. It’s better to have a few cheap rifles (SKS) and a few thousand rounds of ammo than one expensive, obscurely-calibered platform. I’d be able to trade ammo for things, because they’re for rifles that people actually use, not something like .458 SOCOM, for instance. Plus, cheap and simple-to-operate rifles are useful in that you can toss them to someone and say, “Here you go…” instead of only having one “weird-calibered” and “overstressed” platform to protect those you care about.

    I’m just look for some input. I feel most effective as a marksman on an M4 right now, because it’s what I’m used to. This means that at least in the short term, my M4 is more useful to me than an M1A. I don’t hunt – I keep guns in the house to protect myself against bad situations, and I like to prepare for the worst. I feel like now is the time to sink some money into some serious firepower, but am unsure about what is a better investment – I don’t have the money for an M1A and all the rounds I’ll need… but a few SKS’s and a couple thousand rounds of ammo might be useful. I think .458 SOCOM or .50BEO is “Cool”, but admit that it might be an impractical SHTF weapon.
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    Welcome to the forum! Why don't you jump on down to the introduction section and tell us a little more about yourself!

    I'm sure someone will be along shortly to give you their $0.02 about your questions! :)

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    5.56 ammo is cheap and will be easily traded for or stolen should the SHTF, I wouldn't worry. You sound like you've covered the bases with the Remmy 700 and the M4 is accurate out to 200 yds.(depending on the shooter)!
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    The AR platform is very accurate, very reliable, ammo is cheap and plentiful (as are parts), and it's highly effective. (Soft-tip and hollow-point are more effective than FMJ.)

    Your 700 is a very effective longer-range rifle. The AR is great for 200-250 yards or less.
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    Or further.......;o
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    I agree with these statements...and planning on a .308 FAL for my SHTF go to rifle. It will have to wait 'till Christmas though.
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    Although I do prefer a .308 semi-auto (an H&K-91 is just about perfect in my mind) to the AR-15/M-4 platform, don't be too quick to underestimate that rifle. Go to one of the High-Power Matches and notice the number of AR's on the firing line, shooting targets as far away as 600 yards. Granted the .223 will not have the stopping power at 600 yards that the .308 will have, but I defy anyone to say they would stand at 600 yards and let anyone shoot at them with a .223. Besides, you've got your bolt gun in .308 anyway, if the range gets really long.
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    Yeah but...come on. M4s are awesome. They shoot great and you can hit what you aim at, parts are everywhere and so is the ammo. 30 mags are cheap and you can do so much to it to make it better. Even if it's just for cosmetics(airsoft 203 launcher) or if it's to improve accuracy(barrel and scope) or handling(3 point sling and collapsing stock) there is far more fun and hell yeahs in the AR platform. Never mind that they now come in 9mm, 45acp, .40, .50, .308 and I have personally fired a .50bmg boltgun upper on an AR lower. Start with a basic $700 rifle and you can literally build it as accurate as you want or to look as mean as you want.
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    Hi momchenr,

    I too understand your desire for a larger heavier caliber rifle. but as you are right now you should have everything covered. but by no means am i saying you shouldnt get a sks/ak or even a fal/cetme. me personally i am building a ar for basic reliability and overall ease of use and avaliability of parts/ammo. But i am also goin to buy/build a M1A or SOCOM2 for a battle rifle/ hunting purposes.

    Also you might want to think about this. If/When the shtf are you and your wife just goin to huddle up and hunker down by yourself or are you goin to grab her and hall ass to your badass faterinlaws house where he has the big boys that you might need for the situation.

    personally me and everyone in my family are hunters/fishers/farmers from the time we can walk. So when it goes down we have a pre determined place to meet( tho im 2600 miles away) all resources will be gathered and pooled there. between all of use we should be able to hold out for quite some time.

    Also consider a Jeep. When it goes down the roads will be packed and my jeep will go places most other vehicles wont. lol sorry had to throw a plug in for jeeps i love them!
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    The AR is a battle proven platform. That said, I have an SKS. I like the idea of a 150 grain bullet flying down range if things were to get ugly. And lets face it. There are a crap load of accessories of the SKS as well.