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One teacher and one student.

I'm at a bar having some chili, they have the tvs on CNN. Everything they talk about is gun control related and I've been here for an hour. I keep yelling at the tv. I think people think I'm drunk, but I'm just having chili. The girl in Chicago that was shot...the guy that kidnapped the kid and took him to a bunker in Alabama...the school shooting...the prosecutor that was shot in sick of hearing that someone else thinks I shouldn't have a gun because CRIMINALS use them. I am not a criminal, I am a law abiding citizen and I am an American. I paid my dies by serving in the military, being a law abiding citizen and not doing anything that will allow the government to take MY rights away. **** them, they can kiss my hairy white patriotic constitution loving American ***! ****, got me all pissed off on a Thursday...
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