Another Sarge Story about pistol team and a airplane

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    When Sarge was a member of the Colorado Military Pistol Team he had lots of thngs happen to him. Here is one fun thing.

    The Military commander of all State Armed Services in Colorado was a one star General. Befitting his rank he had his own private airplane at his disposal. the only problem was the airplane had propellers on it. And the General was a jet pilot. So he just politely refused to use the plane. He would check out a Fighter Jet and fly it to where ever he had to go. However Airplanes cannot just sit in the hanger. Per regulations they must be flown so many hours a month. Soooo the General gave the plane to us, The Colorado State Pistol Team to use when we had to fly to an out of state Pistol Match.
    This was great and you that fly commercial probably remember how crowded the seats were. But as befitting a general his plane was pure luxury. The inside resembled a restaurant with spacious booths, leather covered seats and tables. Each table had pockets for your drink so it wouldn't tip over and a pocket for a deck of cards that, of course, had the Generals name and star on the back of each card. In the back of the plane were several refrigerators full of food and a broiler oven to cook your meal. Also a bar filled with liquid refreshment. The couches (2) could be flipped down to make a bed and the blankets all had the General's star on them. So you get the idea of the luxury that we were being treated too.
    But what happened to us on this trip was more than we expected. When we left the airport in Colorado some helpful soul must have called ahead and informed Fort Ord's small flight deck that the General's plane was on it's way.
    We had a uneventual trip and landed on the Fort airstrip. Loaded down with our pistol boxes and shooting gear we stepped out on the portable steps. Our Team Captain, Captain Ivy was first in the line. Then the Team Coach (Master SGt. Kilmore and then I,Staff Sergeant Avery. Cpt Ivy stopped and said "What the Hell" We looked and there on the tarmac was a Brass Band, A company of Army Soldiers in Class A's and the LT. Colonel who was the Fort Commander and behind him his four Adjutants. The Band struck up a rousing march and the Colonel called all to ATTENTION. Cpt. Ivy turned to us and said "Follow me. When we got to the bottom of the stairs Cpt. Ivy had us form up in a line formation. He then marched us to the Colonel, halted us and called Present Arms (which means salute) Which we did and then he gave us a RIGHT FACE and marched us off the field. We made it all the way to the street before we all busting out laughing. As we got into the vehicles waiting for us we could see the Colonel and his Adjutants climbing the stairs and peering into the plane
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    Thats funny. Thanks for the great story.

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    Love the stories. Keep them coming Sarge