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    PFC Trent had a girl friend. She started out fine but soon showed her real side. She had a 18 mo. old son and Trent would baby sit him while she was at work. Then after a few months she would be late coming home, so Lt.Linda and I would stay home and take care of the tike. Then one friday she got off from work at 10 pm and didn't come home until 1pm the next day. And she was drunk as a skunk. The arguments that followed ended up with Trent moving out and back home. A few months later she texed Trent and told him she was pregnant. And one day she would tell him it was his baby and then the next day it was some other guys baby. You can imagine what my son was going through. So Linda and I stepped in and cut off her calling Trent. finally she called Linda and told her that she was having pains and could she come over to the apartment and help her. Linda is a trained nurse and she went immediately. The girl was in labor and it was 4 months early. Linda took her to the hospital and the baby boy was born. alive and very small but a good chance of making it. He was a tough little guy and in a week had put on 1 lb and was nursing and wiggling and squirming. I talked to Trent and told him to find out from the County Social Services about proving paternity. He received a stack of papers in the mail and we made an appointment for him to have a DNA test with the baby. The test was over and we have a grandbaby named Jacob. By then the girl has been denying Trent visitation. An Attorney was the next plan and she was sent a letter explaining the fathers rights and her rights, I guess that scared her enough that Trent can have the baby now 4 days out of the week. He is gaining more weight and smiling now and looking around at you when you talk to him. And Linda has bought out a couple of stores of all their baby goods and formulas. LOL It is nice to have another son in the family. Many of you know that I lost my two sons and Trent is my last one. But know we have another little Avery to carry on our name. PS Duke has accepted Jacob as part of the family.
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    Congratulations on the grandson!

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    Congrats Sarge, sorry for everything you had to go through, but i'm glad it's working out now, hopefully the lady'll straighten out.
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    There's not much more joy in life than having grandchildren. Enjoy him.

    My daughter had many, MANY hassles with the father of her child. We haven't seen or heard from him in 2 years..........and that's just fine with us. :( But we spent the first two years after my beautiful granddaughter was born in court at least every month, sometimes every week. The stress can bring one to one's knees, for sure.
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    Congats Sarge! I hope that your grandson will be what the girl needs to get her life in order.
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    congrats sarge and wish all you good luck! :D