Another Pit Bull Attack

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    Please read!!!

    If you are an owner of a dog that belongs to a 'dangerous breed' category and you also have a child or a visiting small child please take this as a warning.

    Don't leave your dog with a small child unattended under any circumstances!!!

    Only one little moment was enough for the following to happen.



    Thank you!

    The Dog
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    Just for the records, that is a Bull Terrier, not a Pitbull Terrier... And yes is a dangerous breed... for shoes, one ex-gf had one and she had to hide every single shoe in the house, because if he found it... became in to dust (Same as my actual Tekel) LOL... other than that, is an exeptional loving breed.

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    One of my shooting buddies locally has been having some tough luck lately job wise. I was reading threads on my home forum and saw a fella proudly showing off the new to him 1911 that I recognized as having been my friends.

    I sent him a PM asking what he was now carrying (he lives in the country, works with horses) and his answer was nothing until the job situation improved. I drove up to see him a day or so later and brought him my XD .45 Compact with holster, mags and ammo - heck it was just sitting in my safe. Here's what happened soon after (from his post on my home forum):

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    You guys sure know how to



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    I thought it was a good try. Nice pic. Sorry
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    Man, joe I saw this thread title and was ready to go ape-sh1tz. Lol great pic.
    My rednose pitbull died a few years ago, he was extremely people friendly. So much so my mom would be struggling to hold him back when a strange person came to the door, they would usually think he was going to attack them if mom let go, when actually all he wanted to do was play!! All the tail wagging would give him away to any dog lover.
    He got along great with my older black lab female, they were best of freinds. But a strange dog came on the property, look out he would run 'em clean off the property. and god help the groundhogs he would stalk and quickly eliminate from the farm.
    He would eat a few shoes but his real troublemaking would come in the form of disecting sisters stuffed animals. Wouldnt shred em but would bite off the eyes and noses then carefully full a few stitches out of a seam then pull all the stuffing out thru the seam and eyes. Sort of a reverse build-a-bear!
    Sis would freak after finding a hollow eyed,deflated teddybear and a grinning pitbull layin on her bed!
    It really is the way you raise them- they are not the "dangerous breed" many are trying to ban.
    Sorry long winded
    Dibo, miss you buddy-RIP