Another Mediocre Gun Show. . .

Discussion in 'The Club House' started by diggsbakes, Oct 9, 2010.

  1. diggsbakes

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    So the "Tanner Gun Show" made it down to my neck of the woods this weekend from Denver and everyone was pretty psyched as our periodic local shows typically don't fill up, either in the vendor spaces or crowd numbers and selection is never even adequate.

    This filled up nicely. It looked like there was at least 90% of the vendor spaces taken and the place was packed with shoppers. I'm always looking for something unique (I know I'm picky) and my friend was looking for his first gun, which he intended on being a 1911.

    I can't say the selection was poor, but reasonable prices for quality guns were few. There would be one vendor that had killer deals on the XD line and another that had a great selection of modern Smiths priced reasonably. There was even a few gems I found that I may return tomorrow and offer partial trade or sale for the acquisition of.

    Then of course there was a WONDERFUL selection of Glocks, XDs, HKs, Kel-Tecs, Sig Sauer, Mossbergs, Barrets and (over-priced) AKs

    THE BAD:
    Overall pricing was, on average, 33% higher than what I would consider "fair". Some items I bought with in the last 12 months were actually marked double than what I paid less than 3 months ago.

    Last, but not certainly not least, the overall quality was nothing special. There were as many Taurus', (Mostly Judges), Jimmenez, High points, Bersas, etc. than I have ever wanted to see in one room, no matter how large the room. :eek:

    So I guess I go back tomorrow and see what's left and hopefully the vendors are willing to ditch a few at reasonably fair prices and maybe do some trading.

    I guess I must have high expectations, but I'm never gonna get wound up for a gun show again.
  2. CA357

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    That's a drag. :(

    However, if you want to experience the worst of the worst when it comes to gun shows, attend one in California. They extra, extra double, double suck. :rolleyes:

  3. Dillinger

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    While it's not a gun "sale" show - you should think about attending the SHOT SHOW in Vegas some time.

    It's something EVERY gun owner should attend one time in their life.

  4. Bigcountry02

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    Albuquerque had a recent gunshow 2-3 Oct, it was okay, prices high here and there. AR selection was high and so were the prices. The best selection was the selection Mags, Clips and scopes! The best overall is the German Roasted Almonds! They had the S&W MP 15-22 pistol version; but, close-up review they had been fired and being sold as new - I walk away!

    I did get 1 pound bag of the German Roasted Almonds and 2 S&W MP 15-22 Magazines (Brand new).
  5. diggsbakes

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    My only purchase, so far was some new "Healthy" coffee. Pretty tasty, no dehydration or "crash" associated with regular coffee, supposedly.

    There is a half-lugged GP100 for less than $400 sitting down there that really has me interested. . . still 4 hours left. . .
  6. c3shooter

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    Have pretty much given up on the "gun shows". I am fully stocked up on beef jerky, costume jewelry, and Chinese T Shirts that say "Death from Above". I like older Mossberg and Remington 22 rifles. The last 6 shows I attended, I have more Mossys than were in all 6 shows. Combined. If I am looking for a brand new gun, I have 5 dealers I can shop.
  7. GunLink

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    The one at the machine gun shoot was pretty good. lots of big names, lots of joe-surplus guys, lots of everything. Most of all, lots of gunsmoke and tannerite! :D

    I got some good deals on some stuff I needed, some stuff I wanted and, honestly, some stuff that doesn't fit in either of those categories :eek:

    Tons of pictures posted over on the GL forums.