Another Gun Show Disappointment

Discussion in 'The Club House' started by hillbilly68, Dec 30, 2007.

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    Well, I know we all know the story, but....
    I went to a "gun" show this weekend (I don't have a real good reason to keep going to them, but I feel compelled to support the cause) and found yet again that there was very little gun in the show. To start with I am always amazed at how we pay 10 dollars each to go buy something. It's crazy when you think about it. I don't pay 10 bucks to go to Cabela's and browse their store. And instead of having to tolerate obese dealers smoking behind their tables and having to listen to the crackle of stun guns :mad: one can browse the store and stop and look at some magnificant mounts or watch the trout in the stream that runs through the middle of the building. But back to reality. So why go? Good bargains? "Gun show prices" used to mean something, but I find no difference (usually higher at the show if anything) than ordering or buying at an outfitter. Selection? Nope. Most tables were yard sale-ish selling nylon computer bags, toy helicopters, 12 inch chinese pocket knives etc. Siiigh. Pay $10 to go in, or pay $10 in sales tax at the local shop or $10 in shipping from Midway or Bass Pro. Will I continue to go to them? Absolutely. Will I continue to grouse about it? Absolutely.
    Just some random thoughts from an aging gun enthusiast. I just remember what they used to be like.
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    Gun Show

    Dang Dude, I'm sorry to hear this kinda stuff, I'm a dealer and I sell at any of the Phoenix, AZ or Mesa, AZ gun shows. I even hear it a lot out here, but I know I have lotsa guns along with leather and kydex holsters, even some switchblades& magazines. People complain about the prices getting higher at the shows, and I do see that on some tables, but it is never the case on my tables! For one thing I'm too lazy to start writing new price tags with all the stuff I'm selling, and there is no way I'm taking $10.00 off a gun for payment in cash anywhere else but at a gun show!

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    The last I went to in December was much of the same. It was $8 to get in and the prices were just astounding. Well used stuff on the tables at new prices and no willingness to deal at all. Used to go with my Dad years ago and it was an all day swap meet where trading was the mantra of the day. I have one coming next weekend literally across the street from my house - not sure I'll waste another $8...
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    Gun Shows Wisconsin

    Ya I would have to agree with you on the sliding down fall of gun shows. I have went to the last five shows in the Milwaukee area and only ONE was worth while. It was as if I went back in time I was there for five hours talking with knowledgeable dealers and fellow collectors. There is still some hope for the shows.
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    I like to go to gun shows simply because the anti-gun political left doesn't want me to.

    In the past I've actually made some good deals and hold out hope for finding something I absolutely need. I often work the NRA booth signing up new members and voter registration.

    More often than not, I just go in to browse and enjoy dining on those delicious gormet $5.00 hot dogs. Plus, I'm on a quest to find and purchase one of those infamous "gun show loopholes" I keep hearing about. :cool:

    Go ahead, make my day.
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    I love gun shows and I'm like a kid in a candy store at them, I like to keep my eye out to see what other people are bringing in the door to sell or trade, those can be some great deals at times