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Well My first suggestion is for a place to buy your gun when you decide what you want .

Go to Gunbroker and pull up their dealer finder and punch in your zip code .

You could very well get lucky and find a FFL within a couple of miles from you that deals strictly from their home and do so with a minimum of markup on the guns .

These guys never have an indoor range where you can test fire a gun but they often have a small inventory of perhaps a dozen or so weapons you may have never seen or considered before and these guy are usually old timers with tons of knowledge to help you .

No idea where those makers or any other fall in a Top whatever list but I know I have read good things about both brands STI makes several models of the 1911 in calibers from 9mm ,40 S&W and 45 acp , a word of caution with STI though some of their models have squared trigger guards which will make it hard to find a holster for the gun so make sure it has a rounded guard if you get one .

Their Spartan I believe is their entry level copy of the Government model in 45 acp only .

If you're looking at a DA/SA weapon you might want to look at Taurus they have models in 9 , 40 , 357 sig and 45 , I have one of their PT 940's in 40 S&W and really like the gun I can carry it , hammer down safety off/on or in condition one like a 1911 hammer cocked safety on .

Being an old 1911 man like JD I don't shoot it that great but my son picked it on a range outing asked when I bought it and if he could shoot it and then proceeded to hit 4 inch round swingers at about 15 yards with every shot .
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