Another dumb criminal

Discussion in 'The Club House' started by steve666, Mar 7, 2013.

  1. orangello

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    Now that is just pitiful!

  2. c3shooter

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    We had one long time back- when they had full service gas stations- guy pulls into a station, says fill it up. Attendant says "Sure- let me check the oil for you". Pops the hood- and removes the coil wire, puts it in his pocket, closes hood- and goes in the station to call police.

    It was HIS car that the "customer" had just driven in to the station. Stolen from his home. Now what are the odds of THAT?
  3. Dennis845

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    At a minimum, I do believe there would be a "whoops" moment when she wore the drink she ordered on her lap. Then returning with her second drink and asking her to try and be a little more careful with this one, I'd try my hand as a hair dresser.

    I'd then ask her why she's having so much of a problem handling her alcohol?
  4. Dearhunter

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    Now aint dat sumptin! Ya just never know. What go's around comes around!!
  5. dango

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    You've restored my faith in Karma , Thank you.
    Some times , what goes around comes around........! :)< Vise verse-a..!

  6. F4U

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    Kind of a sad story, we did this to Grandpas car when he could no longer drive, but still would. It was a '77 nova and this was about '92 or '93. I was the one who could keep all of the antique farm equipment we were still using running, so he believed me when I told him that the car was just too old and we couldn't get parts for it anymore. He wouldn't have believed any one else.

    I know it had to be done but lying to him like that damned near killed me.
  7. boatme98

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    I'm amazed they give the waitress' name but not the POS's name!
    Protecting the theifs good name and privacy, I guess.
  8. boatme98

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    One time, back in Maryland, I was sitting at the local tavern when the bartenders husband called. He told her he had stopped at a 7-11 across town to get some smokes. He left the car running and of course someone jumped in and drove it off.

    We're sitting at the bar, which had two large Windows looking out on the street, and what pulls up? The bartenders car with two scumbags in it.
    She's still on the phone with her husband and tells him not to worry, she'll take care of it.
    She hangs up, calls the police, checks their I'd and serves them.
    At this point the whole bar crowd is having a grand time welcoming the new customers and waiting for the police to show up.
    They come in about five minutes and casually stroll up to the guys and ask about their car. The jig was up, they were cuffed and escorted to their new ride. A couple of very surprised mofo's.
    Of course hilarity ensued, except for the bartenders husband, who was severely chastised for being a dumb``` for leaving the car running at a minimart.