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Another damn AR question...

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Here's my quandry. I've been wanting to have an AR for some time now, and I was almost ready to pull the trigger, so to speak:rolleyes:. Then I started to think about shooting competively. The competitons I'm considering shoot from 600 to 1000 yds.(I know it'll be a lot of work and practice). But I also would like an AR for closer range and HD. Is it possible to have an AR with a 20" or 24" barrel that'll get out past 600 yds, or should I consider a bolt action .308 or .338 Lapua or the like for competition and just get a basic AR for HD? TIA
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That depends on what the other competitor's are shooting Gus. If they are shooting benchrest - an AR won't even get you mention of showing up ;)

You can plan on dropping $5K before you blink on a Benchrest Rifle to be able to compete at that level. Then there is all the reloading gear, the research into what round is hot right now ( 6.5 x 284mm has been the hot round for about two years or so ) - Optics, which will probably be another $2K, and all the time it will take to get into "minimum qualifying" grouping. Open contests allow anyone in, so you can learn as you go, but championships and trophy matches do require past experience with proven groups in competition.

Across the course? I don't believe they go out to even 600, so that's probably not it.

What kind of competition are we talking about? Sniper matches? You need a boltgun - and a good one. Those guys can really shoot. Well, most of them. ;)
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There are those out there who say they have this or that brand of AR, and can shoot to those ranges and then some, and shoot MOA all day long...:rolleyes:

Maybe...I haven't seen it yet, but there may be a few...uh-huh :rolleyes:

I have a bolt gun in .338 Lapua, and on a good day, when my eyes aren't feeling as old as they really are ;), I can hit anything out to 1600 yards (about as far as I can without driving out to the desert on the eastern side of the state), with ease. Price of the gun at this point, without optics on it, or bi-pod, you are looking at close to $6500. Add in the Schmidt & Bender scope, the bipod, match ammo, etc, etc, could easily have bought a Barrett .50 M82. weighs a bit less than the Barrett, too. (Not much, but a little :p)

It also costs a little less per round, too.

You can probably find a set-up now, Barrett just put one out, Armalite has their AR-30 in .338 now, for a bit less than what I have in mine. Or you could look at Accuracy International, Sako, etc, and 2nd mortgage the house, or pimp the wife and kids - to afford the habit.

I would say to do what you want to do, and do it competitively, you will need 2 different set-ups.

But if you are just looking at something to have fun with and compete out to 600 yards, you could feasibly do it with one lower, and a couple different uppers on an AR. A good 24" upper, free floated, 1:8 twist, a good scope, match ammo, with a match trigger is capable of MOA out to 600 yards.

Then when you are at home, pull the two pins and slap on your tacticool-home-defense-zombie-blaster upper.

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You could do High Power matches, which are very winnable with an AR15...
Search David Tubb on the internet.
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