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Just going to drop the post in here from a different community for which I am a member:

Warpig said:
I have a Gen 3 G22 that had a factory finish that was just terrible. It was uneven and mottled looking after less than 1000 rounds. Not sure what the problem was because my other Glocks have faired much better. A bad run is my best guess. I sent it off to TITAN308 (Damien) about 3 weeks ago for Duracoating. I knew Damien had a great reputation and takes pride in his work but honestly wasn't sure what to expect. He kept updated and even sent me pictures of the final product.

I received my slide back today and OH MAN am I WOWED! The Duracoating is wonderful. The finish is even/uniformed and the tolerances are fantastic. Zero overspray. Zero flaws of any kind that I can see. This coating seems better and more durable than the finish on any of my other polymers. I chose "combat gray" to give it a very subtle contrast to the black receiver. I immediately had a fresh set of Trijicon's put on it without any fit problems and snapped a few pics.

My special thanks to Damien for doing such an outstanding job on my beloved Glock. I will definately be doing business with him again.

Thanks for looking.

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