Another Colt 1903 pistol

Discussion in 'Curio & Relic Discussion' started by OldManMontgomery, May 10, 2014.

  1. OldManMontgomery

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    For my 'Art Deco' .32 ACP collection.

    Found and obtained at local gunshow. Not bad shape, considering. Full report being prepared for purview on my blog. Spoiler alert: It shoots to the sights (perhaps a trifle high) out to twenty-five yards.

    Now if I could just score a Remington 51 and an Astra 300. Not to mention a couple more Savage variations... sigh...

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  2. c3shooter

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    Those are dandy little pistols, flatter than a book, shoot well, excellent concealed carry gun (other than the cartridge, IMHO. You can do some good gallery loads with a light charge of Bullseye and a single pellet of 0 buckshot.

    Very nice pistol you have there.

  3. OldManMontgomery

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    They are really neat little pistols and no, they are not elephant nor man stoppers - at least not in the popular sense.

    Perhaps some day when my arthritis gets too bad for even .38 Special loads...

    On that same note, 000 buckshot makes a decent gallery load for nearly all the .36 family of cartridges.

    Thank you, sir. I am working on my prideful attitude. ;)