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    Didn't want to hijack mountains thread 'cause my books aren't life changeing, just damned good reads.
    I'm talking about the Bernie Gunther novels by Phillip Kerr.
    It's a series of books written over about 15 years chronicaling the life of it's protagonist in Germany from about 1933 on. Right now he's up to 1954 and dealing with the CIA.
    Gunther is a WW I vetran who became a Berlin police officer/detective until he was forced out for not joining the nazi party. He then becomes a private investigator.
    They're great historical fiction books giving some insight into what happened in Germany before, during, and after the war. You don't normally get the goods from the losing side.
    Give them a try. You don't have to read them in order, but the first is "March Violets".

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    If you have never read it, I highly recommend "The Monkey Wrench Gang". Great insight into how to run a low level insurgency against big business or (potentially) the Government.

    Another one is "The Devil's Guard". WWII Waffen SS Colonel that joins the French Foreign Legion after the war and goes to Indochina.
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    Great suggestions. Might have to take you up on these fellas. Right now I have four books waiting to be read next to me. :)