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Discussion in 'The Club House' started by Gojubrian, Oct 24, 2009.

  1. Gojubrian

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    So I went to the range yesterday and brought along my browning buckmark and the CZ for some more range time. Start shooting and 5 lanes were already full. Helped one guy figure out how to load his magazine for his glock and sig plus some basic safety, like quit sweeping everyone and take your finger off the trigger when you're not shooting. He finally left,whew! He said it was his first time ever he decides to bring two pistols he knew absolutely nothing about and put everyone on the range at risk.

    Then some guy next to me blasts off with a .50cal muzzleloader......on an indoor pistol range!!! Holy mother of pearl!!!!! Smoke everywhere and I couldn't even see my targets down range. :mad:

    Me: Does Steve know you're shooting that thing in here?

    Them: Yeah, we called ahead, why?

    Me: No reason I guess. :rolleyes:

    seriously....... I waited fifteen minutes before they finally left.

    I left the outdoor range because of people, I'm thinking about buying myself some land and making my own range free from the danger and idiocy that frequents gun ranges.

    My little
  2. canebrake

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    Find another range!

  3. ktmboyz

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    I would love to have an indoor range to go to. Nothing up here at all :(
  4. hunter Joe

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    I feel your pain brother, I work at an indoor range. Etiquette and safety lessons should be a requirement before entering the range. We rent firearms so I do my best to school first time shooters.

    Last year we had to log off some jack pines on our property so we could install a septic system. The logger said he was only going to get two truck loads and could only give me a couple of hundred bucks for the wood. That was alright with me because I was willing to pay him to get rid of those $hitty trees. We had to put the leach field 100 yards away from the cabin and needless to say, I now have a 100 plus yard firearm's range. Well worth the 8 Gs I spent on the septic system.
  5. skullcrusher

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    Damn, Goju that sucks. Years ago when I first got into muzzleloaders, I called around to different ranges and asked about the muzzleloaders. Everyone said no way. The last one I called said something about the state says bp arms are a no go at the indoor ranges.
  6. CA357

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    The range should be for skill and enjoyment, not dangerous or inconsiderate jackasses.
  7. dirtysouth

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    While i agree with you about there being no place for a bp in an indoor range. Im sure theres plenty of outdoor places the jackass could of gone to shoot that thing. But for the guy whos first time shooting i give you props for taking time to help him learn the proper way to handle and shoot his weapon.

    while its dangerous and people need to becareful. i think its the experinced persons job to help the new people learn what to do and not to do so no one gets hurt.. So good job goju for helping out.

    I think also that range masters need to pay more attention for those inexperinced people at the range and help them if they can.
  8. M14sRock

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    My buddy lives in your Burb. Let me find out where he goes to burn powder.
  9. Bigcountry02

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    Albuquerque has a few outdoor and one indoor I know of (too much money, unless you have yearly membership). I was in Bossier City, La. we had an sweet indoor range, one side was for pistol and another was for rifle, both were separated! The only thing I do like about indoor ranges, you can rent pistols on hand to see what fits your feel! :D
  10. BrassMonkey

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    These stories make me so happy I have land to shoot on and my own private range.
  11. Glockmaniac

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  12. zhuk

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    Now that's pretty f*cked up Goju! And probably even more so to an aussie's ears, since our ranges are sewed up tighter than a duck's arsehole lol

    There are so many ways we are subjected to bureaucratic overkill down here, but I am personally glad that everyone on a range must go through compulsory safety courses before licensing & be scrutinised, not just supervised. I can just imagine the massive public backlash which would ensue if events like what you described went down here and became known - all shooters would have our heads on the chopping block, well & truly.

    What a perfect excuse that would be for total civillian disarmament (bar maybe farmers) :rolleyes:
  13. cpttango30

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    Me even being the ahole I am would have cussed him out made him cry then I would have given him some good firearms training. After that I would have sent him on his way with his pistols and knowing that he is an idiot and I still taught him how to shoot correctly.
  14. hunter Joe

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    Tango, that's why I consider you my hero. roger baker love dove, over and out.

    Have a nice day. HJ
  15. orangello

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    The black powder shooter at an indoor range does sound kinda nuts. I still prefer the old clay pit for my shooting, though i did find out about a local outdoor range.

    You should probably warn users that stuff bubbling up from low shots may not be crude or black gold, especially if anybody named Jeb or Jed Clampett from the hills of Beverly stops by. :D
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    Big country I like your tag. If they keep taxing beer, gas will be cheaper than beer. Ops sorry gas is cheaper than beer.

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  17. XGrunt

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    I agree, the black powder at the indoor range seems inappropriate.
    I am forced to shoot at an outdoor range as there are no other options within 40 miles. Being a city dweller, I can't just shoot in the back yard. The closest indoor range (40 miles away) rapes people to shoot there.

    I commend you for imparting some wisdom to the new shooter. It's a shame when someone buys a gun and has no experience, and not enough sense to get some training before taking it to a public range.
    Seems like some people don't realize the magnitude of responsibility of discharging a firearm, and potential danger to others of not knowing how to handle a weapon.
  18. spittinfire

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    I understand completely and similar events are the reason I shoot almost exclusivly on my parents land. They have 20ish acres that is nothing but woods. I can shoot everything there but my 30-06 due to the land layout and the location of a house on some neighboring property.
    If I don't get annoyed with the people shooting at the range then I get annoyed with the people running the place.

    The only indoor range I liked was On Target in Asheville. They watched the lines and made sure people were being safe but didn't jump down your throat for double taps. As long as your weapon was controlled you could blow thru a mag as fast as you could pull the trigger. I got to shoot an uzi in that range.