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Ankle Carry

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Lookin for advice here... Would the HK P2000SK be comfortable/small enough to ankle carry once in while? My primary is the P30 (9mm) i'm trying to get the SK for the wifey (in 9mm should be controllable right?) as her primary, but should we go out all dressy I'm gonna need to ankle hers (whichever I end up getting her). What do you guys think?
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That question is almost impossible to answer without knowing your build. I once knew a guy that could carry a 30-30 saddle gun concealed, but I have a hard time concealing a 5" 1911.
True... I am 6'4" 215lbs athletic build.
What is your typical life style? I have owned about every ancle holster I could find - - - but sometimes I am called into a foot pursuit and I have never had one that would work then.

I love my concealed comfort holsters ( a modified belly band ) double layers of cotton ( blue jean style very heavy cloth ) stay in place, don't make you sweat,and so comfortable you forget it is there.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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