Anderson Manufacturing Rifle

Discussion in 'AR-15 Discussion' started by Squawk, Dec 4, 2012.

  1. Squawk

    Squawk New Member

    So I'm in the market for a new AR-15. I live in Kentucky and came across Anderson Rifles. Made by atd machine shop. They are made in Kentucky so that excites me.

    The problem is I have not found enough reviews on them to warrant spending the money. Anyone have any experience with this company and their AR? Good or Bad?
  2. jnhfrahm

    jnhfrahm New Member

    I do have 2 of their lowers. It matches PSA's upper nicely. The finish is nice and the parts kits from PSA fit great. I was a little nervous when I bought the 2 lowers cause little info on them. But at $80 a piece from my lgs I jumped on them. +1 for Anderson.