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    From one of my favorite sites-

    Tech Support | Liverpool, UK
    (Back when they were common technology, we sent out a software update on four floppy disks.)

    Customer: “The computer says it’s unable to read disk two.”

    Me: “Can we start the installation again just to check it is the disk that is the problem, please? Put the disk in the drive and type ‘a:update’. Then, press enter.

    Customer: “Okay. It says it’s unable to read disk one now.”

    Me: “I’m sorry. Did you try that with disk one or two?”

    Customer: “Both.”

    Me: “No, sorry. Just then, not earlier. Was the disk in the drive disk one, or two?”

    Customer: “Both. Both disks are in the drive. Why? Was I supposed to take the first one out before putting the second one in? It didn’t say to do so, just to insert disk 2.”

    Me: “You’ve got two disks in the drive at the same time? That must’ve been difficult to manage.”

    Customer: “Not when you hit the second one with an encyclopedia.”
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    There is a box of old used 5.25" floppies in the storage room at work.

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    Lol...reminds me of the one where a woman called support to complain that the cup holder on her new computer had broken. After a few minutes the frustrated tech learned that the woman had been using the CD drive to hold her coffee cup and had snapped off the sliding tray.