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    This has been a goal for some years and though I had mentioned earlier I would post a range report on the Colt New Agent 45. I did want to put a family picture up for your perusal. Here is my collection. All Colts, a model 70 reissue, an XSE SS Commander and the Colt New Agent 45 sub compact. All of these exhibit boring reliability and I'm no target shooter and It's not likely I'll post picture of targets with holes in it. But I can and will testify that all of these as well as the New Agent will shoot where I point it with all the reliability one should expect from a defensive pistol. I am a firm believer that a pistol doesn't need all that glow in dark contrasting laser pointing BS...If you ever have to use a pistol to protect you and yours...all that crap will go right out the window in a heartbeat. Think about it...if someone comes at you with the intent to kill you...your gonna pull and shoot...later you may think about I shoulda done this and I shoulda done that...your going to point and empty into the threat period. The point is...these will do just that. The advantage of the New Agent is it's smaller and easier to conceal so your legal and not scaring the children at know "Mommy that man has a gun" but it's not an doesn't kick really, it doesn't bite the web of your hand and it loads 8 rounds with one in the chamber and condition one is the only way to carry one of these...I carry a spare with 7 so 15 rounds of 45 ACP to go. So there's my report...:)
    and the New Agent...
    You guys..and gals really need to get one of these...:D
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    Good report. Concise. ;)

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    I love hot looking sisters
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    I do likes me some Colts!

    And look, a 70, 80 and a 90!!!

    I need a Commander. :rolleyes:
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    Damn showoff, now not only am I green with envy but I have to hide my chub so I can walk around the house.