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    1. Husbands should be aware of the fact that when a wife says do something, she does not mean right now. To earn more points with the Husbands Association of America go by the following rules.

    Waiting for 1 week before doing what the wife wants.

    No points.

    Waiting for 1 month before doing what the wife wants.

    5 points.

    Waiting for 1 year before doing what the wife wants.

    50 points.

    Those husbands that have held off on 'honey doos' for more than a year will be judged by the number of demands that the wife has made during the intervening years. Five years will get a Silver certificate. And 7 years will be canonized as a Saint.

    Last year we had a genuine 7 year winner (Sarge of Colorado) and he will be presented with his award at the annual meeting. We also had another winner but after investigation it appears that his wife went shopping with her sister and did not come back for 2 years. So we could not include him in "Saint list" However he will get an honorable mention in the 'Missing wife" award.

    Keep up the good work, men. And remember the annual meeting in upper Wisconsin at the deer camp.

    President of Husbands Association of America
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    does not putting in bookshelves in the basement for 10 years count?? heh

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    I wrote to the President of our Association and he said "That is a good start but try to add a few more heavy jobs to the list. Such as replacing the window in the laundry room. (yes we know that the stick you put under it holds it open quite well but she asked you to fix it)