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    I've been helping my little sister trace our family tree, and we seem to have shaken out a Viking dude - Rollo "the Viking" aka Rollo the Ganger Ragnvaldsson. Only 38 generations ago, too! :eek:
    No wonder I've always liked barbarian flicks and MMORPG's. ;)
  2. zhuk

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    Ha, awesome!

    Hey great name too :D Interesting when you find out things like this and suddenly stuff makes sense. I found out about 4 years ago that one of my ancestors was found as an orphan boy hiding in a barrel on a Crimean war battlefield by an English Colonel; and taken by him back to England and adopted.

    Certainly helped shed some light on my hitherto-puzzling 20+yr Russian obsession lol

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    Too bad I can't trace my family tree back to Serbia and farther into the past. The family emigrated here in 1900. The original family name was changed because my Grandfather (who died before my parents got married) liked his drink a bit too much and never spelled the last name the same. When my Uncle (the only one born in the "Old Country") became a U.S. citizen, he changed the spelling to the current one and no one really knows how the original family name was spelled. Only my Father is left of the family and he doesn't know because the change was made before he was born in 1921.
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    My family tree gets blurry in a hurry too. My paternal great grandfather was a runaway when he was 14, I can't even be sure our last name isn't made up, and my maternal grandfather never spoke about anything that happened more than 4 days ago.
    As for the grandma's, who knows... they're Irish. You can't trust half their stories, and you can't understand the other half :p
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    My family name was changed in order to get the mail more promptly, late 1800s.
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    The viking is from my Mom's side. So far we've found at least 3 American Revolution veterans, one War of 1812 veteran, and the oldest war hero buried in Arlington Cemetary, by one account. Also some less reputable types, such as a Congressman and some other politicians, travelling preachers, etc. ;) Interestingly, the most ironclad line leads to one Pierre (Peter) Chastain, a Huguenot who stepped off a boat from England in 1700 at Jamestown, VA. I was born on his birthday, 299 years later to the day.
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    Well, we had that whole thing with the restraining orders, outstanding warrants, and then the witness protection program..........:cool:
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    Going through my mom's "lineage" book from 1940's Germany, I found some Gypsy blood. No wonder I like lots of jewelry and flashy horses.