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    So I have my stripped lower and lpk but I've been looking for a stock kit with buffer tube, spring and buffer all together. Figured I would go with the magpul CTR, but once you add the tube, spring and buffer your up over 150 bucks. May as well go for the Vltor or ace Socom for that kinda money... Then I found the BCM kit where you can even choose your buffer weight all for under 100. Everyone seems to like everything else BCM, is this a good deal for QUALITY parts?

    Edit: having trouble with the link from my phone, maybe someone else can post it
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    Stocks are one of those items where everyone has a personal preference. I ditched the adjustable M4 that came with my STAG pronto, bought a CAA adjustable with cheek riser for my AR15. I have an ACE skeleton for my AR458 and my AR10 will be getting a MagPul PRS.

    if you have a LGS see if you can try out a few and get a feel for what fits well :)
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    38 has awesome package deals on magpul stock with complete buffer assemblies.