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    I have, over the past year, and after saving my money aquired three similar firearms.... Glock 35, Springfield XDM 5.25 in 9mm and the M&P 40 Pro Series with same 5.25"bbl.

    I had no brand preference prior to aquiring these firearms and I am going to rate them...of course I am in the M&P Forum so you probably already know who wins!

    1. M&P
    2. XDM
    3. Glock 35

    I make my decision, primarily because I find the trigger to be the single, most important, element to me shooting accurately. Sight window being second and third balance. M&P has it all...though I like the XDM's feel/balance a little just has way too much creep in the trigger before striking. The Glock could be right there, but it will take investment on my part to alter the trigger...I probably will, but that is sure to run me near $100 to get the pull and crispness I am looking for.

    All have performed flawlessly for me. All have qualities I like and qualities I dislike. I like the Glock sight window but don't like the clip release and trigger pull. I like the M&P trigger and sight window but not the slide release. The XDM has wonderful feel and weight/balance, but the creep in the trigger is annoying to me....costs more than the other two also.

    In truth, I like all three and will have years of shooting and enjoyment in front of me...I just thought I'd share one guy's opinion.

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  2. stevem8

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    I too have been looking at these 3 pistols.
    I hated the chunky plastic feel of the XD, and the trigger break was not to my liking.

    The m&p feels great, the trigger feels a bit soft and I don't care for the extra curved trigger. The m&p is very accurate and seems reliable. Lots of LEO carry it here in GA.

    The glock although not the prettiest of the bunch, shoots straight, really good stock trigger, but from what I here a $20 drop in ghost 3.5# makes a whole lot of difference.

    Did you shoot a Gen 3 or 4 Glock? I know the Gen 4's have a much better mag release.

    I haven't made my decision fully yet, but the ability to easily and inexpensively change out parts and customize the Glock, is leading me to it.

  3. Don Davis

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    @ Mouser

    I agree with you completely.

    I've sold all of my Glocks in favor of S&W's and XDm's

    Here's my M&P 5" Pro


    And my XDm 5.25 Competitive


    For me they are both far superior to my Glocks IMHO

  4. Mouser

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    My Glock is Gen 4. I would like to get a trigger job on it and drop the pull to 3-3.5#'s and I think I would like it very is just out of the box, the M&P was a better shooting firearm for me. I just have a tough time shooting accurately with guns that have heavy triggers or mushy ones. Light and crisp is the best and the M&P seems to have both those qualities out of the box.
  5. jimjc

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    I have had a couple of Glocks and the XD Tactical...I have shot the MP9 a number of times and I like it very much....

    If you like to customize a gun then the Glock is hands down the winner it has a massive amount of aftermarket parts available....The XD I liked the least the bore axis was to high...didn`t care for the trigger either...sold it...I sold my latest GlockGen4 favor of a HK usp 9mm...that I like very much but the grip is very big and I don`t have big hands but it`s a wonderful gun in every my mind it`s the best gun on the market if you don`t consider price which is expensive compared to the rest....

    The MP fills all the needs I look fits my hand well has a good trigger it`s reliable and accurate....some aftermarket parts are becoming available....

    So as it boils down a MP9 will be finding it`s way to my house... there`s a lot of good things I like about it not the least of which is the`s well priced compared to the rest.... just my .02.... Jim
  6. kodiak

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    M&P 9 FS test fired March 12 is nowhere near as accurate as my Glocks.

    The M&P has great ergo and is a very soft shooter. I thought the trigger was fine. It breaks a little heavier than a standard Glock Gen 3 with 5.5 connector.

    Here is a 36 foot group with the M&P standing unsupported. God awful...My Glock 19's will clover leaf at that distance every time, with no crazy flyers that seem to come out of nowhere like with the M&P.

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