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Discussion in 'The Club House' started by Dillinger, Jun 24, 2009.

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    Well, we don't have a "Ongoing battle in the sandbox" section - but I thought this was some interesting information that some of you might like to ponder.

    Steven Pressfield is an author and a historian who has taken some extensive time on the ground in Afghanistan/Iraq and has compiled some facts about life there, and how it differs from ours here, even when we are speaking about the same thing ( like the word Freedom ).

    He pulls from some very interesting history that parallels our current situation and explains, in detail, why the War on Terror in that region hasn't been one and done, with the bad guys "defeated".

    I found the information very well thought out and put together, and I have to say it opened my eyes to a few things.

    Episode 5 I have some issue with, as I don't think his open checkbook idea is going to produce anything other than what caused Osama Bin Hiden, which will again eventually kick us in the balls - but the first four episodes were very well done and thought provoking.

    I would be interested in what you fine gentlemen, and ladies, have to say having watched the videos and compared Tribal Life to what this country is trying to "achieve" in the region....

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    I just started listening to the first episode and so far my only problem has been he seems to be mixing both Afghanistan and Iraq and you can't really compare the two because they're different countries and issues IMO.

    However, he is right about one major thing, tribalism is a major problem in Afghanistan. Especially the very isolated tribes.

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    I think Mr Pressfield offered up some thought provoking discussion. Some of it seemed to over glamorize the tribe concept as he didn't mention much about the millions of people who are starving, abused and opressed due to the actions of the tribesmen. I get it the warriors of the tribes are devoted but much of the population are not warriors and suffer greatly at the hands of those that are. At one point he said tribal men are warriors only, they don't work, I know many tribal men do work so I don't know what to take from that. I think one of his best statements is when he compared tribes to gangs, from what I have seen personaly that is very true but I would change tribe to tribal warriors. The rest of the tribe are victims. He is correct that most of the Iraq and Afgan tribes just want to be left alone and they are not the reason we are over there it the 10% (Islam as he called them) is why we are there.

    I agree that we need a strong face (a warloard) to be our General in the field someone they know as a decisive military leader. We keep sending limp wristed men/women in suits to meet with them. Let them set down with a General with some stones that has a green light to do what ever he decides is correct and I expect things would change quickly.

    Writing a big check will never work, clearly he never read about the Iran-Contra deal. If we pay them now expect them to come back on a more frequent basis until they have enough money to put up a good fight.

    Thanks JD that was worth the time.