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Discussion in 'Range Report' started by cottontop, Jan 18, 2013.

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    While at the local range today, there were two grey haired gentlemen, probably retired and probably former bosses as they refused to obey the range rules. I only suppose that because they seemed to be the type that barks out rules rather than follow them. They acted as though the rules did not apply to them. During a cease fire, they just stood by their table and continued to fool around with ammo, and whatnot. They refused to get behind the yellow line as the range officer requested. After a few yells from the range officer, they complied. During the next cease fire; same thing. They refused to get behind the yellow line. The range officer told them that if they refused to comply the next time, they will be asked to leave. Well, guess what? At the 3rd cease fire, they didn't move and continued to fool around with their guns. Then, all hell broke loose as the range officer just lost it and demanded that they gather up their stuff and leave. They stood there in total disbelief until the range officer said the next step was to call the sheriff's office. So, they gathered up their stuff and left. Man that was fun to watch. I wonder how some guys can live to retirement and be as ignorant as a pile of rocks. But, we now have a range officer who has some guts and I feel safer there now. BTW, the range officer is a woman. When she started there a few weeks ago, some guys had no respect for her at all. They do now.
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    I am a boss. I have had hundreds of people work for me over the last 13 years. Most bosses follow rules. If they didn't they would not have become bosses.

    I have no respect for people that do not respect authority.

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    Thats awesome cottontop.....and yeah you dont necessarily need to paint them with a broad brushstroke. Dumb ignorant people are everywhere!
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    I've notice an interesting phenomenon watching people move through management over the years. Many will move to middle management level based on bravado. Few that will move beyond that level are usually those that know when to turn it off.
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    range rules

    Oh come on. You know what I mean. That's just the first thing that popped into my head as I have had some bosses in the past that reminded me of those two. Just substitute "bosses" with any title you want, and for you it will fit. At the same time I have had some very good bosses that I still respect after all of these years.
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    Could have been a disrespect for women. You said they were old duffers. Some of those suffer that.

    And some old duffers are accustomed to doing what ever they want - rules were fewer a bunch of years ago. You know... today's rules - well... they just don't apply...

    But it's interesting. Thanks for passing it along.
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    This is the exact reason I am joining my local FOP range, they make people follow the rules or your sent packing. The public range I use is getting ridiculous. I had some slobs next to me the other day who thought it was perfectly fine to shoot at any and every target down range! A couple weeks before that some tool decided to just up and go check his target while people were firing!!!
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    They were not gentlemen. A gentleman would show respect for the rules and others.
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    I bet they voted for Obama and belonged to a Big Labor Unions.:D
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    I was a "big union" worker and Never voted for Obama! I know so many union workers that never voted Obama either. Let's not generalize any shooters. We need to be united and not divisive. Calling out specific shooters/instances is good. Assuming motives and denigrating large groups is not. Let's not be like the anti-gunners and,anti 2nders .
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    I've decided I like my local Sheriff's Office range. (for some reason they don't call them "departments" here...).

    I've been there only twice though. It's pretty cheap. Run by the local SO. The first visit, I just observed. The second visit, Cinder and I were shooting at their reactive targets...

    It was pleasant. Pretty relaxed. I felt safe. There was a lot of space for everyone to spread out. I did notice that the couple to our right decided to move to our left, and several booths down too. Leads me to believe they're pretty experienced and had a good idea where our brass was gonna be landing, and their's too... Made me make a mental note to be more courteous next time around.

    There was the Range Officer in the booth, and each section had several safety officers, all of them Deputies. On my first (observation) visit, I was told they could call in more officers if they're needed, as the volume of shooters can change at any given moment.
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    My dad works for a Sheriff's Office. It's a pet peeve of his when anyone says "Sheriff's Department" leads me to believe that Sheriff's don't have departments.
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    Jeeze, some people just don't understand the concept of safety!
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    to all of you....just remember all of this when you get old and your brain starts to turn to jello.
    age attacks everyone if you live long enough to experience it.

    problem in todays world is the jello seems to be forming much in the teens and 20's...and lasts a lot longer. you cant fix jello.:p
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    Debatable. I work with some of the most ignorant and lazy people I have ever met in my life. I'm talking wont even flush the toilet lazy.
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    It's usually the young, cocky, know it alls we have the problems with. The older guys straighten them out by teaching them just how little they know.