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    An Exclusive Publication of Human Events | Vol. 2, No. 35

    In the Crosshairs
    Mike Piccione, Editor

    Hey Gunners,

    Thursday I was at the NRA Headquarters in Fairfax, VA. I had the chance to meet with Wayne LaPierre and I spent a few hours with my good friend, and the person I respect more than anyone else on this earth, Jim Land. These men are both officers of the NRA.

    I was there to record radio commercials. Yep, the voice you frequently hear in NRA commercials is me. While I was there we filmed the weekly legislative update. Instead of airing the update, the NRA formally announced that there will be no Harry Reid endorsement. Did you really think there was going to be an NRA - Harry Reid endorsement?

    What you must realize is this: Not all conservatives are pro-gun. There are people out there encouraging you to stay away from the NRA. They are not NRA members, they are not shooters and they will encourage you to join any organization, but the NRA. If anyone tells you to stay away from the NRA ask them if they are a member. If the answer is "no," then realize they have the same position on the NRA that Obama and Pelosi do -- they don't want you to join.

    In 2009, G & P was the largest independent recruiter in the world for the NRA. Wayne LaPierre wrote for me on Obama's first 100 days as President. Sandy Froman, the former NRA President, sent to me the testimony she gave Congress on the Sotomayor nomination -- before the testimony was given. My point is this: you can trust what you hear from G & P. I don't engage in rumors and you should ignore them too.

    Media is about money and there are those that will sell out the Second Amendment for their own gain.

    Not all conservatives are pro-gun. Beware of these people.

    Join the NRA. Join here for $25 and send a message to anyone that says you should not be a member. G & P readers get the best price available for a full annual membership.

    Support the NRA, and support your state association, if you want to protect and preserve the Second Amendment.

    Please read Jennifer Kendall's article this week. She does a great job of defining the organizations that threaten our way of life. This article is exclusive to Guns & Patriots and it is excellent.

    Mike Piccione
    Editor, Guns & Patriots