An excellent long distance range... Worth a trip!

Discussion in 'Range Report' started by IowaShooter, Feb 10, 2018.

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    What a great day... Took my wife, son and his wife to a FANTASTIC long distance shooting range today!

    Twas' a balmy 8 degrees with 8" of snow on the ground... But we were shooting out of a climate controlled shed and had a BLAST! We took only bolt actions... a Savage Axis bull barrel .308, a Savage Axis .223, a Ruger American 6.5 Creedmore and a Zastava M82 7.62x39.

    If you don't do facebook

    If you do facebook

    Range has steel targets of all shapes and sizes at 300, 400, 460, 600 and 800 yds, and paper at 100, 200 yds

    The furthest any of us could hit the steel today was 460 yards

    What a great time!

    Didn't bring shooting bags so we stacked up plastic rifle cases


    My daughter in law had no problem hitting steel at 300 and 460 yds

    The 600 and 800 steel was to the right of those trees you see in the left side of the window... up that hill a ways

    Getting instructions before she shoots the .308... with a less than 1 lb trigger

    She was spotting for her husband in this pic


    Love these ladies!

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    Looks like you had a very good time shooting with the family. I can say that that's the first range that I've ever seen with a heated shooting shed,but then again,it doesn't snow much nor get that cold down here very often. It did get down to 6* one morning a few weeks ago!

    I've got a couple ranges within a 45 minute drive from me that go out to 1300 yards & 2000 yards. I shoot at them every chance I get,plus I can shoot out to 1200 yards at the ranch.
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