AMT automag failure

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    I bought a used .22 Magnum auto mag ( AMT ) off the internet and did not have time to check it out right away. Lesson learned! It appears to be in good shape however it have never fired more than one round without assistance after the fact. 80% or the time, the case is still in the chamber and 20% of the time it is caught in the action. As I did with my first AMT, I only use Winchester ammo as they suggested from the factory. I have written to High Standard who now produce these and never recieved any communication.
    So, does anyone have any idea what is causing the problem. I have cleaned this thing until there is nothing left, I think. It would appear to me more of a problem of not grabbing the case with the extractor but everything appears to be fine.

    Thank you for any advice.
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    I looked at Numrich gun parts and they have a new extractor listed though currently not in stock. They do have the extractor spring. I would keep on trying different types of ammo in the hope of finding one that will work. I don't know if the Hi Standard version has interchangable parts with the AMT. Good luck. CD

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    Could be a couple of things. Chipped extractor/weak extractor spring?

    Look REALLY close at the chamber, especially right where the firing pin is. I'm not
    too familiar with the auto mag, but a lot of 22's, if they are dry fired, will ding the edge
    of the chamber from the firing pin hitting. Case expands into the ding when fired, comes out hard.

    IIRC, the AMT automag 22 magnum used a grooved chamber as a delayed blowback
    method. Probably borrowed the idea from Hk. While you are looking for firing pin dings,
    get a good look at the chamber itself. See if the grooves are mucked up.