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I found my old target pistol from my childhood years, an AMT .22LR, semi-automatic (fairly certain that was Arcadia Machine & Tool). It had lightning on the box, i suppose as part of the name. It has a 6 7/8" barrel, i bleve & was available with some longer barrels. I haven't used it in at least 12 years and don't know what i should do with it. From what i recall, it was pretty accurate when fed CCI ammunition. It was VERY particular about that brand of ammo, though and jammed frequently with other brands; i think the boxes i bought were marked "match".

1. Anybody got any info on this company or particular pistol? I searched a bit online and only found references to some larger caliber pistols that looked vaugely similar. I'm wondering if it is valuable (other than sentimental which isn't stratospheric).

2. related but...Should i keep this gun or sell it or wait & give it to a buddy's kid when the kid is old enough? I don't have much time to plink or a great place to do so. It was purchased by my father & presumably is registered to him.

3. If i should keep it for fun or "collecting" (probably dust), any ideas where i could get an extra magazine? It is in the original box with the original 1 mag (10 shot).

Thanks for any info you can provide. I will try to post a pic tonight.

I do have fond memories of emptying the yard of tree rats with something more easily hidden than my Marlin model 60.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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