AMT .22 pistol info?

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    I found my old target pistol from my childhood years, an AMT .22LR, semi-automatic (fairly certain that was Arcadia Machine & Tool). It had lightning on the box, i suppose as part of the name. It has a 6 7/8" barrel, i bleve & was available with some longer barrels. I haven't used it in at least 12 years and don't know what i should do with it. From what i recall, it was pretty accurate when fed CCI ammunition. It was VERY particular about that brand of ammo, though and jammed frequently with other brands; i think the boxes i bought were marked "match".

    1. Anybody got any info on this company or particular pistol? I searched a bit online and only found references to some larger caliber pistols that looked vaugely similar. I'm wondering if it is valuable (other than sentimental which isn't stratospheric).

    2. related but...Should i keep this gun or sell it or wait & give it to a buddy's kid when the kid is old enough? I don't have much time to plink or a great place to do so. It was purchased by my father & presumably is registered to him.

    3. If i should keep it for fun or "collecting" (probably dust), any ideas where i could get an extra magazine? It is in the original box with the original 1 mag (10 shot).

    Thanks for any info you can provide. I will try to post a pic tonight.

    I do have fond memories of emptying the yard of tree rats with something more easily hidden than my Marlin model 60.
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    The blue book puts it a $350 new in box and down to $160 at 80%. I'd keep it especially since you have the box as it will go up in value over time. It isn't being reproduced so it will become an obsure collectable in time. Check cheaper than dirt for extra mags, if they don't have them ask them who does and they will point you in the right direction.

    I hope this helps

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    Thanks man; that is what i need to know. :)
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    RE:AMT Lightning

    I bought one of these new way back when, it was an upgrade to the Ruger MK2. Most all the MK2 parts are interchangeable as its basically a Ruger clone. I have the 6" BBL and its a tack driver.
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    Pretty much a Ruger MkII clone. I would try a Ruger mag and see if it works. I believe Ruger sued AMT over this gun and bankrupted the Cali company. OMC/AMT made some innovative guns like the .45 ACP stainless steel "Hardballer", the "Back up" pistols in both S/A and DAO and the Automag series. One of the issues that plagued many of their guns was "galling". The slides and frames of their stainless steel pistols were made from the same grade of steel and it caused some significant wear issues. Try Rig lube +P stainless steel lube. It is especially made for guns like this.
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    I just finished cleaning my AMT Automag2 after a trip to the range today.Mine is 22mag,and a real fire breather.Very reliable and accurate.I picked it up for 400.00 w/two mags.