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    So i have decided that now that we have a nice gun safe, its time to add a small stockpile of ammunition to the collection. Here is what i'll need.

    30-06 150gr
    .410 3"
    .22 LR
    .22 Mag
    .40 S&W

    i'll probably be investing in a 12 Gauge too, but i'll worry about that later.

    I was planning on have at least one case of ammo for each gun, I know cabela's sells cases with the dry boxes but it is all back ordered. (i know)

    Is there another good source for placing bulk orders?

    If i go to the cabela's outlet can i place an order at the store and pick it up at once when it all gets there?



    BTW: I spent about 30min calling local gunsmiths, all of them wanted to put me on a wait list, said they were backed up past the new year..... Finally found a place that would take a look at it (ejector claw broke off the bolt on my Sako 30-06) He pronounced it an easy fix and would have it back to me within a week or so. Score!
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    I have used AMMOMAN.COM d/b/a Discount Distributors several times and got good service each time. Add yourself to the email list for hard to find stuff and you get a chance to buy it first when it comes in. Some fair prices on cases lately.
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    If you're willing to buy bit by bit to gather a case worth, you can always try WalMart.... Even during the darkest days of ammo shortages, my local WalMarts always had .40 S&W and .410 and .22 Mag. Might still have to wait for the 30.06 and .22lr though....