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  1. SGWGunsmith

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    Currently, the "REAL" yield on 10-year Treasury bonds is -0-. The worry seems to focus on the possibility of a long lasting recession.
    I wonder if precious metals like silver and gold should have a cousin to rely LEAD!
  2. Gatoragn

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    Yes, stored in brass.

  3. oO_Rogue_Oo

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    I'd say right now high capacity magazines are still a pretty good investment. And if things keep going the way recent events have gone; they could become a VERY good investment again.

    EDIT: Also, I'm expecting AR values to start climbing again (recovering).
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  4. RJF22553

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    For investments, I'm good and well-protected. Not spectacular gains with market advances, but no losses. Good set-up with NYLIAC.

    Then again, I/we have retired Army consistent income as well as SS, such as it is. Medical is covered with Medicare and TRICARE-for-Life. Can't remember the last time we paid for medical care with the exception of meds, and those costs are minimal. Our monthly income generally exceeds our monthly expenses most of the time. Farm is paid off and we have no car payments. Checking and savings are in a general upward trend.

    Regarding ammo, I think I'm pretty much set: enough of all calibers to where periodic shooting doesn't impact on emergency stockage. I'm good enough to where the occasional shoot-fest doesn't impact my comfort-zone.

    I recall curbing my .22LR ammo consumption during the dark days. Won't go through that again. Enough for my shooting sports without getting to a level I'd worry about...
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  5. Oldoutlaw

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    I only have one bullet for each of my rifles and pistols. That should last me for awhile.
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  6. austin92

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    I don’t have a whole lot of factory ammo other than my steel cased stuff and shotgun rounds. I have plenty of brass, powder, and primers. Should probably stock more projectiles though.
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  7. PaBushMan

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    This is some of what i have loaded. I have a 30x20x12 steel box full of varied factory ammo. And about 6k in 22 lr. DSCF8289.JPG
  8. JTJ

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    When the 22lr shortage hit I had 12k just in Blazers. I caught a very good sale. I could have made a good profit but did not. Right now I am going through about 1k 22lr a month. Add in some other calibers for a couple hundred a month. I keep a good supply and buy in 1k lots on CF. I have been experimenting with 22lr brands but if I need some plinkers I will buy a 5k lot.
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  9. BVAL

    BVAL Well-Known Member

    As I do reload, and buy factory new, lets just say,,,
    More than one, but less than many !
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  10. freefall

    freefall Well-Known Member

    I have at least a brick of .22s, and at least 1 box for every centerfire caliber.
    What more could a reasonable gun owner need?
    No, you CAN NOT come count them. That is unreasonable.
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  11. OLD Ron

    OLD Ron Well-Known Member

    I have thought about counting my ammo . That brainfart went away . Better way to think on it as 1/2 a truck load . No worries on running out ..... storage .... well that's a problem all in itself .
  12. RKtullahoma

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    Regarding coin metal precious metals... Silver came back up to $17 briefly the other day after a longish time in the high 14s and 15s. Gold.... when an ounce is nearly two months pay... fahgidaboudit.

    If you wish, I will snoop around for higher quality casting lead. Last I saw need for it, twas $2.00/lb for 95% pure. I knew more than a few loaders back in Vegas who had arrangements with auto centers... $20-30 for a bucket of used wheel weights every month or so.

    Unless someone comes up with a cheap safe way to make them in a home shop, the choke point for the reloader will always be primers. Heaven knows that there is almost always gonna be brass in quantity, and slug metal as above noted. Powder... well.

    As for ACTUAL quantities available, versus manipulated... that sonofabiyatch from Connecticut is back again wanting ammo purchases on 4473s. The military will always have ammo, and the hometown cops for Congresscritters as well. The rest of us...

    When I was working Walmart in Las Vegas, we had the same folks showing up at the exact same time every day regarding buying up .22 bricks, even when corporate rationed them. It didn't stop them, they just brought their family and friends. One old biddy and her 2/3 as old spouse bragged that they got a good price at gun shows for what they bought from us. (Karma caught up with them via a drunk driver. She still goes around to the WMs she and her late spouse used to frequent for ammo... but just wanders the store and wanders back out.)
  13. JTJ

    JTJ Well-Known Member Supporter

    One WM, I wont say which, caught an employee hiding the 22lr and holding it for a certain customer who was selling it at rip off prices.
    I hope a bunch of the pirates got caught by availability and lower prices.
    Midway has Winchester 22lr for 3 cents a round.
  14. Rifling82

    Rifling82 Well-Known Member Supporter

    I don't have any guns or ammo.... Flood of 63'..... Sad story, still can't talk about it
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  15. RJF22553

    RJF22553 Well-Known Member

    I'll be paring down my collection over the next few years. Ammo will go with the guns, but not much of it if I have remaining guns in the same caliber. I'm set. Don't ever want to go through times of questionable re-filling.
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  16. formerCav

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    back when we had those ammo shortages,
    I used to joke and tell people "good investment advice, buy booolets"
    I didn't realize how true that was for a while.
    They went up what about 400 percent depending on caliber.