Ammoload headstamp 45ACP brass

Discussion in 'General Handgun Discussion' started by cliffspot, Jul 5, 2013.

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    Well about March or April, I started to run into 9mm brass with the Ammoload headstamp. This case has a stepped interior and a thicker head with a slightly decreased volume. I had to readjust the swage rod on the Dillon Super 1050 that I use. Now in the middle of June I have run into 45ACP brass with the same headstamp and the same case design as the 9mm. Adjusted the swage again and I keep on humming. I have wrote on other forums but no one can give me solid answers about the origin of this brass and the whys of the strange construction....some yahoos have made reference to a "special" gun used only by Homeland Security! And when I google the gun, it is some giant anti tank weapon that doesn't even fire pistol rounds.....go figure! ANyone got REAL answers out there?
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    Anatolia Cartridge Industry Co. LTD of Turkey makes the brass, used by a few different makers. Intended for a high pressure cartridge that is designed to withstand bullet being set back into the case by recoil.