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    How does the 45acp compare to the 45gap?
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    Ballistically? Intended to be identical.

    Physically? The GAP is shorter. HOWEVER- do not try to shorten .45 ACP brass and make your own GAP brass. The real GAP has a thicker web at the base to prevent blowout- they operate a very high pressure, with little support of the brass. Small pistol primers.

    I have always considered it to be an answer in search of a problem. With SOME Glocks, the frame was not big enough for the ACP, so the shorter GAP was created.

    And it allowed Gaston to have his name immortalized on a cartridge.
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    The GAP uses a bullet no heavier than 200 gr. The ACP routinely uses 230 gr bullets (or heavier sometimes).

    The GAP operates at high pressures. The ACP operates at relatively low pressures.

    The GAP was an attempt to attain the fabled ACP ballistics in a frame normally used for 9mm/.40. The problem is the slide of the 9mm/40 guns will not handle the wider GAP case so they use a hybrid slide. Holster fitment is a problem.